Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Update.. real quick!!!

Ok so my life is finally back to normal.. YAY!!! But I have to admit all the craziness, driving all over Utah, never sleeping, and eating junk food the whole time was well worth it!!! hahaha

Temas wedding was super fab. I can't believe it's come and gone now. Yes I know that was a short explaination, but I just can't go into anymore detail until I get all of the pictures up!!! Here's a picture of Tema's cake that I helped my cousin Maryann make (she's pretty amazing at doing these types of things but she hates it) HOW BIZARRE!!!!!!!!!!
T.Js football game was.... uhhhhhggggg when I post the pictures they will explain more...

My family spoke in Sacrament on Sunday... That was pretty funny, since we didn't really prep too well.. I swore I wasn't going to cry, but Moni spoke before me and started to cry so I was already teary-eyed and muffled when I got up to speak...

School is back in session tomorrow. MIXED emotions about that one! hahaha
I got a 2nd job! Gotta replenish my savings account and buy my darn school books/laptop!!
That's it for now, until I get the pictures posted from a million years ago up 'til now!!! hahaha

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My attire this wkend includes a #33 tee and a chocolate brwn dress.

Weird combo of clothes huh, but here's the reasoning....

Who I'm cheering on: my lil' brewski TJ #33
Where: MV Bruin Bowl
Time: 7 o'clock on the dot.

It's his senior and my last year to watch h.s football games so I'll be sitting pretty in my #33 tee screaming my lungs out for my bro with the rest of my family :).
My friend texted me and said there were some articles on him in the SLC Tribune so I took the liberty of googling my bro. and here's what I found...(I'm not bragging, I'm just a proud sister!!)

T.J. Mounga is the other running back, and he combines with Heimuli to form a bit of a "thunder and lightning" type of look for opposing teams to contend with. Mounga is 5-foot-9, but he's very quick and able to turn a corner on you in a blink. And once he turns that corner, watch out.
Two-a-days: Mountain View Bruins

* Name to watch: T.J. Mounga and BYU-bound Anthony Heimuli present the best rushing combo in the league.
The bright spot is the return of running backs Anthony Heimuli and T.J. Mounga. Heimuli is headed to BYU but before he becomes a Cougar, he will team up with Mounga to be one of the most potent running back duos in the region. They're both physical and bruising runners.
Prep football: Mountain View predictions

But T.J. Mounga and others have shown they are capable as well.
High school football: Bruins look to build on '07 success


The chocolate brown dress is for none other than my jisSs Temas wedding!!! It's finally here just 3 days aways. Time sure does fly by, that's for sure!!! Last night I was with her just kinda packing things up and figuring out the bridesmaids dresses and what not. It's still crazy to both of us that it's this weekend!!!! Oh I love that girl... More details of everything to come later... hahaha what a g'd word... LATER...