Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's times like this.....

Today as I was driving to work I saw two women dressed in church clothes, smiling, and carrying trays of brownies or something deelish I'm sure (I know I'm a feti lol) and it made me wonder where they were going and why they were in such a happy mood. As I drove closer I saw the infamous BLACK NAME TAGS instantly connecting those tags to the fact that they were Sister Missionaries; like a reflex my hand hit the horn and I was waving.. and they waved back of course. I love seeing missionaries and I can't believe my l ittle brother will be one in a couple of weeks :) yahoooooooooo!

Anyways back to my "It's times like this" moment. I'm at work and I get to talk to lots of people kz I book fllights for our clients.. Anyways I was talking to this gentleman about his flight options just like I do with everyone else. Close to the end of our conversation I ask him if he has any questions for me. He laughed a little and said he was glad I asked that question at the end. I always do. He paused for a bit then went on to tell me that he was having a tough time figuring out who to use as a dropshipper and all this stuff.... his wife passed away a few weeks ago and he didn't have a lot of time to put into this business. I'm sorry for your loss. He went on saying he had to spend a lot of time with his sons, kz they've taken it pretty hard and he is just kind trying to mop them all up right now then he laughed a different, nervous type of lost laugh.

I don't know if he's a member or not but from the conversation I guessed he wasn't and right then I thought... it's times like this that make my testimony grow and keeps me grateful for the extensive knowlege that I have gained from the gospel!!! I wanted to tell him what I know and explain the PLAN to him and all the great things the gospel brings to this life. I wanted to send missionaries to his house and have them teach him and his boys the discussions and how tell them how they can be together with their mom again after this life. I wanted to help him and his family.

I told him I could totally understand and asked him what he would like to do, if he would like to come to a later Conference or stay in the one he was already in. He said he would just stay in the one he was in because he needed a slap in the face to just keep going. I told him that was good and that he's doing a great job. He said thanks and I told him I would keep his family in my prayers. He said thank you again and that was the end of that. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life and I pray each day that missionaries continue diligently in their work to find those READY and WAITING to hear the gospel. I pray the missionaries find this family soon :)

Friday, September 19, 2008


drummmmmm roll please...




(I know he looks diff, but his music is g'd listening)


I STAYED HOME... Sat on my roof and

listened to the songs I should of been listening to live...

It's a funny story but I'll save you from reading all the details... haha Just know that my Dad is hilarious and that I will never again miss a concert that I really REALLY super reALLy wanted to go to (especially since I had a ticket!) EVER AGAIN!!! hahahaha. Oh and a special THANKS to those who sent texts and pictures, those really made my day :) jerks. lol.jk i really love you all for taking the time to think of me and send me what you did :D

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Try'na decide try'na decide if I really wanna go out tonight...(listen to the rest of this song...T-Shirt by Shontelle Layne)

What: Alicia Keys.....Matisyahu & Kalai
Cost: $84....$8
Where: Abravanel Hall....The U
With: Mostly the girl cousins+some friends

Friday, September 12, 2008


So I wasn't planning on going to any football game tonight, but last minute my mom texted me and said TJ could play!!! He had missed 2 games kz he dislocated his elbow but his recovery was super fast, he should have missed half the season or more. I'm glad we're back to Friday nights being dedicated to his football games again!!! Oh yeah... And they finally won a game... They played Payson. YAY for HOMECOMING...

The youngin's of the Mounga bunch.


The sign... (P.S the cheerleaders decorated our house door and the poster they did was SUPER UGLY so I just took the picture of this one at the school) hahahaha

They called these two "thunder & lightening" hahaa My fave RB's.
Dude in the blue is Ross... He's one of TJ's best friends. No football relations, only skateboards :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday BABY!!!

I know she's not a baby anymore, but I still call her Baby at home.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELI!!! Love you, you fie'lelei brat... LOL

This was taken on Moni's birthday but I thought it was a cute one of her and my Dad.

This was taken on Monis too but like the one above, it was too cute so I had to add it too.

Birthday Party #1 her "friends party" at Jump On It (9.5.08)

The Ice Cream Cake

Cake # 2 from the Pahulu Fam :)

Birthday Party #2(9.7.08) kz it's her OFFICIAL and only she can invite everyone over just kz it's her! haha

Here's a cute candid of Baby on her 1st roller coaster ride when we were at California Adventure... Dang I still haven't posted those pictures!!! haha Slowly, but surely!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yesterday was a real special day for my family, but moreso for my little brother Moni. He got his mission call!!!! We all guessed where he'd be called to serve:

  • Emeli-Mississippi
  • T.J-Chile
  • Me & Baby Jane-The D.R
  • Mom-Tonga
  • Dad-Where ever the Lord wants him to go (he would say that!) haha

He opened it and started to read to himself.....
then I interrupted, "can you read it OUTLOUD! haha"
he read on and finally got to CLEVELAND OHIO!!!! we listened on... reporting to the MTC on November 19th... That's a special day for us times 3 now. It's Grandpa Alamoti's birthday (Temas too) and it's the day Moni will begin his missionary service!!!
Phones opened up and texts got sent out too all the familly from Me and T.J...
Here are some of the responses I got:

  • Awwww dang thats sooo tight! Tell him I said congrats! Im so proud of him-Carissa
  • A BIG YAY WOW-Aunty Pee
  • that's freakin awesome! CONGRATS!-Emil
  • When is the farewell?-DJ
  • Tell em congrats we love him n now he'll b a great missionary!-Aunty Lile
  • Congrats! mayb ill c him in the mtc!-Ella
  • Congradulations! We r so happy 4 u! Gpas bday! We luv u!-The Gables
  • Cool! How exciting!! Did he get it today? Oh my gosh im so happy for him! Plz tell him congrats for me! Aww thats sooo cool and exciting! Hes gonna love it! Yay!-Alai
  • Congrats! Can't wait he'll b GREAT! Love ya guys!-Malia
  • Yay! send our love out to moni. n congratulations! love me! ok i didnt know he turned it in. i keep thinking theyre still little boys! hehe!-Ramona
  • Yeah! Congrats 2 elder mounga!-Loseli
  • man that is awesome let us know when's the farewell-Lia Unga
  • Wow whooo!-Salesi & Lose
  • WOOWHOO!!! Thank you so much for informing so excited for all of you! YAY! Go get'em Elder Mounga!=D-Adeleaide
  • very proud of him!!!-Kris & Tafu
  • let him know we said congratulations n send our love let us know if you guys need anything done n keep us updated-Tuu
  • What.... That is tight......-Baby Oto
  • We are so happy for him and the rest of your family. Its going to be a wonderful time. love always-Unk Gil & Aunty Luti
  • Woo hoo! So excited 4 moni! Let us know when his farwell is!-The Pahulus
  • Haha hes going to the amish country. Jk congrats moni! thats where daveys from.-Maryann

Ok I didn't know I'd get so carried away almost typing up all the texts I got. lol We made some phone calls to those who aren't hip to the cell phone era as well hahaha. It was a great day in the Mounga household last night.

Elder Mounga called to serve from 2008-2010.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The Rules:Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.
Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

#1 - I wish I were a photographer... I carry my little PNS camera with me just about everywhere I go.

#2- I'm a snacker. If you have kids, I probably eat more like them than you. haha I love to eat junk food, and bread is an essential part of my diet! haha

#3 - I travel alot, but I still don't have a passport. My goal is to get it before this year ends and to get my 1st stamp sometime in '09.

#4 - I hate watching scary movies...

#5 - I love to listen to slow jams when I go on long runs (yes long runs meaning 3+ miles) hahaha long to some, short to others. lol

#6 - I'm a collecter of the state quarters!! haha I'll post a pictures of it when it's close to getting complete.

I tag: Seini-Omi-Kristi-Ele-Candice-Mary

OMIPHOTO.COM just a little advertising :)

Naomi Masina launched her site yesterday!!! If you need to have ANY pictures taken for whatever occasion I MOSDEF recommend Omi.... For more pictures CLICK HERE.... She will be taking my family pictures hopefully sooner than later and I'm ecstatic for them!!! Love ya Omi...



Happy HAPPY Ray's 20th birthday DAY! I can't believe he's that old (haha like I'm young or something) but yes he is. It was simple. Went to eat with the fam + Vai, went home and had him blow out his candles oh his deeelish ice cream cake from DQ :) his fave, and that was it... Love you Ray...


Getting ready to blow out the candles!!!

The Birthday Boy, Vai, n' TJ

TJ picked out the card LOL....