Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm so excited...

and I just can't hide it....

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!! hahaha this picture has nothing to do with this post, but everything to do with my new venture in which I will share the details with you all at a later time :] (is the suspense killing you yet? lol)


HAPPY DECEMBER everyone, 2 days late but hey what can I do. lol Hope everyones Thanksgiving was SUPERB and delissssshhhhhhhh. I am super excited for Christmas, but I have to say for the record. I feel bad for Thanksgiving... In stores after Halloween passes the Christmas decorations go up and Christmas songs start playing. Don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE HEART CHRISTMAS too, but I really don't want to hear Christmas songs until AFTER Thanksgiving has passed. hahaha Poor Thanksgiving (yes I'm personifying it here) has to share it's spotlight with Christmas. I'm sure if Thanksgiving had a song for Christmas it would be "Spotlight" haha ok maybe not the whole song but atleast this one line, "I don't like, living under your spotlight." hahaha ok ok I've gone on enough about this, but to end it I just wanted to list a few of the things that I'm THANKFUL FOR since I missed blogging on Thanksgiving a the days in between..

in no particular order..........
The Gospel, without you I'd be lost
my Parents, my direction & support
my Brothers & Sister, keepin' me on my toes
family(immediate & extended), who can live without love
friends, who can live without variety
Temples, our little taste of heaven on earth
missionaries, how can you NOT love them GooOo Elder Mounga love you bro :]
music, i can always find a song for my mood
Zion (my guitar), <3
Bishop Fales Sunday school class, I leave a better person everytime
Orem 8, it's the best ward!
blogging, it's g'd to keep record of things
cameras, it captures time
America, we really have it so easy
cars, refer to Americas reason
$1 movies, can't go wrong
$1 menus, haha gotta love it
computers, ingenious
Living Prophet, tremendous blessing
coupon shopping, need i say more
dancing, having fun & exercising at the same time. priceless
learning new things, no one can take it away
being healthy, being sick costs more than being healthy does
running, yeah I don't know.. I think I'm just thankful that I CAN haha
cell phones, keeps me connected
internet, amazing
airplanes, refer to Americas reason once again haha
paychecks, so my job as well :]

Just to name a few.... Thank you Thanksgiving for being that reminder to us all to be more THANKFUL for the things we have... Now moving along to Christmas... wooooo whooooooo Get your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DONE!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Found Love...

Hahaha I am now leaving work after figuring out how to make my photos bigger on my blog and expanding my "wrappers" so my BIG photos wouldn't get cut off. geeeeez i'm exhausted and I have a new found love of COMPUTER GENIUSES(nerds)!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

FAMILY PHOTOS before Elder Mounga left.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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  • We couldn't figure out what to wear... so .WOW. what a surprise my Mom says put on some church clothes hahaha It's an automatic go to fashion when you're being too choosey & since Moni was going to get a few mission shots it'd be easiest.

  • Then we were late (I'm stilll so sorry Omi & Sila)

  • We finally get there and we follow Omi to a field.

  • Snapped some there.

  • We laughed pretty much the whole time and my folks would not stop talking! haha

  • Hopped back in the car and chased the sun out of the canyon and stopped before the sun ran all the way away.

  • Back to snapping.

  • Individual CLOSE UPS & when I say CLOSE UP I mean it!!! I was laughing kz she was so close to my face! haha

  • We were done.

    Thank you Omi for doing our shoot and for being so patient with us!!! I had been trying to get a time for Omi to take our photos since October but things kept coming up. I was about to just settle and have someone else take our photos but I thought to myself, "self if you're REALLLLLY set on Omi doing your family photos just email her and see what never hurts to ask" so I did just that and lo and behold... She had a slot open for us. Omi is magical and got some choice shots in the little time we had the sun up! Thanks a million & some!!! Thanks to Sila also (Omi's assistant) for being my folks conversation piece! hahaha They tend to pull people away from what they're supposed to be doing so they can have a conversation! haha
  • Tuesday, November 18, 2008


    There is so much I have to update on (Rays missionary stuff/family pictures/and other things I can't remember right now (yes I started to blog so I can remember things))<------ parentheses inside of parentheses wow hahaha anyways here's a little something to hold you over... kz I know just how glued everyone is to my blog! haha

    My Mama sent this to me... funny lady...

    5yr old students learning to read....

    5yr old pointing at a picture in a zoo book: "Look at this! It's a frickin' elephant!"

    me taking a deep breath then asking: "What did you call it?"

    5 yr old: ''It's a frickin' elephant! It says so on the picture!"
    ............ And so it does...............
    Hooked on phonics! Ain't it wonderful?
    Now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    I VOTED today.

    and Google did too. I love how google always changes their fliccs for different occasions.
    P.S: I copied you Kealia :) haha it was too cute to let it pass.

    change clothes, then go....

    So since all my pictures still remain on my camera (yes I know, I'm slow) and I hate to blog without pictures I decided that I should change my blogs "clothes"... that is all. Hope ya'll like the new "waredrobe" as much as I do. haha

    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    Moses Falamoe Lavaki's 1 Year...

    Last year...

    Mom, Baby, and myself all went late kz I had work so we got there just as it was getting dark. All the other family had come by earlier in the day. I'm just glad we got to go. We love and miss you Ses and we still jockin' the blue bands :)

    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    Viva Kids Fundraiser...

    We went to fundraiser for Viva Kids and we had a blast. They had a little show/dinner and then a jam sesh with Jr Maile, Pati, & These 2 Fijian brothers (they served in the DR with my cousin Alai) all sang at the AF ampitheater. I heart fundraisers.
    Carissa, Lota, Alai, Tia, Jo, & Me
    Alai, Tia, Me, & Mata
    Alai and her DR mission buddies..
    Tia, Alai, & Me dancing to the soothing sounds of.....

    These talented fellas

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    and the winner is.....

    Who won:
    I am the winner Me, ME, mE, MEeeEeeEEeE I am the winner !!
    When (did I win):
    TODAY 10/20/2008 feelin' g'd feelin' great :)
    What (did I win):

    If you were wondering what the prize options were you can Click here to see....

    What was the occasion (of my win): Omi's blog hit it's 20,000 visitors mark so she rewarded (ME, in this case) since I was the winner!!! wooo whooo

    (Isn't that a sweeeeeeeet header!! If you click on it it'll take you straight to her blog)

    Why (did I win): "A winner will be randomly drawn by my Haven." words taken straight off Omi's blog, bless those little winner picking hands of yours Haven :) but I'd also like to think it's because of my comment (but that's just me). haha

    THANKS: A special thanks to Omi for having a super amazing sauce site that 20,000+ people visit on the daily. I also want to thank Haven kz if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have won :), and to all of the other contestants that participated in the giveaway... Better luck next time SUCKERS! hahaha jk jk if you guys wanna borrow the book sometime, lemme know :)

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    T.V shows

    I rarely get to watch t.v and usually when I get home I'm super tired. Althought my tiredness is screaming at me to jump into bed to catch those very much needed ZZzZZzzz I stay in the tv room and try to keep my eyelids open 'til about 1-2am just to catch a dose of this show...

    HOUSE... If you've never watched an episode, DO and you will see what I mean. You see... I have this dream, to be a nurse... but something is keeping me away from doing it (probably the schooling, amongst other things lol) but after watching house I want to become that nurse that I dream of.. Or maybe I just want to be a "nurse" on this t.v show kz Dr. House is ingenious and I love it!!! Anyways just thought I'd let you know.

    Other shows I love to watch when I can:

    Whose house??? RUUUUUNNN'S House. I love his "g'd morning" quotes at the end of each episode.

    Yeah I do watch it. The HiLLs. I been watching this thing since the Laguna Beach Days haha

    TYRA MAIL... I always wondered why they called it America's Next Top Model but they continue to have another season with another winner over and over again. They might as well make a pagent out of it like Miss USA so 1 will reign as Miss ANTM until the next season and so on and so forth. Imagine in SEASON 22 of ANTM the girl that wins that is going to be like "I AM AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL" and everyone else is just like "woooo whoooooo it's not like you're the 1st" hahaha or that's just what I'm thinking in my head. Anyways it doesn't matter kz I still watch it and I like to watch it. I mostly like to wait until the season is over and then just watch it from the beginning until the end all in one sitting :)

    Alias. My cousin Lose got me addicted to this series a while ago. I would go over to her house after school and stay there until the wee hours of the morning trying to get as far as we could in the hours alotted. haha

    With technololgy these day I love that you can tivo/rent/barrow or whatever the shows you want kz then you don't have to wait however long they want to drag it out for (as I kinda of sort of explained in my excerpt for ANTM) You can get the whole season and make a day/wkend/whatever you want out of it. Sheer bliss :)

    Another Random Text Sesh with T.J.

    Ok so here's a picture of my little brew T.J. He is so random and funny. I was chillin' at Temas house yesterday watching a movie and I get a text.TJ: Obama is pretty much the shizz. Watched the debate and he is an attractive black male whom is the shizz.
    Me: Lol You watched the debate! Your tight. Fill me in when I get home.
    TJ:Mmm hmm. Mom got pizza
    Me: Lol Oh alright. Im at Temas right now.
    TJ: Oh yeah and just drink tap water with a carbon filer. Haha, I guess bottled water is not even
    cool right now. Trust me.
    Me: Yeah I knew that. Lol
    TJ: 38 chem.s detected including bacteria, caffeine, pain reliever-acetaminophen, fertilizer, solvents, and radioactive element strontium. All found in water bottles. bye.
    Me: Wow. Thanks Jay your too funny.
    This again may not be funny to you (just like the our last text convo that I blogged about might not have been) but I find it funny and my brothers sense of humor is just rare and random. He picked out the card for Moni's birthday and it just happens to have Obama on it... You can see it kz I blogged about his birthday and the picture of the card is there. Gotta Love it!! hahaha
    I need to get caught up on my blog still :( yeah I'm still slow at simply uploading my pictures to the computer and stuff so I'm pretty sure when that all happens (hopefully by December) I'll be all caught up and will stay that way as we roll into 2009!! Man, where the heck did this year go!!! G'd thing I have this here blogspotter thing-a-ma-jig that is easy access so I will be able to recall events huh. Well as soon as I get caught up... I WILL GET CAUGHT UP my fellow blogspotians (even if no one reads my blogs) for myself anyways :)

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    For you PRIVATE bloggers...

    My e-mail address is lavi_mounga(at)hotmail(dot)com
    FYI...(at)=@ (dot)=.
    so add me to your blog kz I leave the best comments :P

    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Where were you last night?


    This is where I was at.
    I sat in a strip of ORANGE & BLACK in the middle of the RED sea.....
    Even though I was cheering for them BEAVERS, (yes I know I'm from Utah and blah blah blah but hey they hooked me up with the free tix: thanks Moana & the OSU D-line coach) I think I fell in luv with David Reed he had an amzing run in the 1st half of the game showing off his running game and route changes :), Louie Sakoda kz he is just simply the most amazing kicker (period), & Brian Johnson for putting on one heck of a show even when some of those so called Ute fans walked out before the game was done.... If you were at the game you would have the luv that I have too.. Glad Moni was able to go to a g'd, real live college football game before heading into the MTC just 3 days before the big BYU vs. U of U game. Can't wait for that one... pictures coming soon (I hope) haha

    Wednesday, October 1, 2008

    So my little brother TJ...

    If you don't know this kid, you ought to get to know him. He's pretty funny and random.
    We had this text conversation the other day and it just made me laugh.

    TJ: Dad said to buy a sponge for el dishioshes.
    Me: HaHaHa ok
    TJ: garlic cheese? Dad wants garlic cheese.
    Me: what the heck is that? guess I'll just ask someone at the store, do you guys want anything?
    TJ: Yeah chips for the salsa. Haha. Weirrrrd. Oh well, if you can get me a 4.0 that would be amazing.
    Me: ok I'll get that stuff and I'll pick up your 4.0 at checkout hahaha
    TJ:just kidding you know the stuff you eat with peaches and pineapple or whatever. The stuff he always eats Haha. What is it called?
    Me: hahaha COTTAGE CHEESE you dork you are such a FOB!!! haha
    TJ:Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Lol. Lidol. Rofl. Wow. Garlic cheese Haha. Hahaha. Man. That was a phenomical text. They are taking my phone in their room at night cause they think i text people until 3
    Me: hahaha your funny and they should take away the guitars kz that's what you stay up playing hahaha
    TJ: hmm. Okay, well, chips, a sponge, and cottage cheese. Whoo! Man. Maybe I should take english 12
    Me: yeah or maybe you should take ESL. hahaha
    TJ:Esl? Okay. Feliz navi da! Daz? Dad?
    Me: weird?
    TJ: Yeah. Okay. You should get me a juice of some sort. Or an aide of some kink. Just a drink. That would be cool. Pleases and thankfulnesses.
    Me: k i'll call you when i get to the store
    TJ: Kay. bye.

    If you read this and you're thinking "WOOOOOW" haha and your lost... Don't worry, this text is mostly for my own sake :)

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    It's times like this.....

    Today as I was driving to work I saw two women dressed in church clothes, smiling, and carrying trays of brownies or something deelish I'm sure (I know I'm a feti lol) and it made me wonder where they were going and why they were in such a happy mood. As I drove closer I saw the infamous BLACK NAME TAGS instantly connecting those tags to the fact that they were Sister Missionaries; like a reflex my hand hit the horn and I was waving.. and they waved back of course. I love seeing missionaries and I can't believe my l ittle brother will be one in a couple of weeks :) yahoooooooooo!

    Anyways back to my "It's times like this" moment. I'm at work and I get to talk to lots of people kz I book fllights for our clients.. Anyways I was talking to this gentleman about his flight options just like I do with everyone else. Close to the end of our conversation I ask him if he has any questions for me. He laughed a little and said he was glad I asked that question at the end. I always do. He paused for a bit then went on to tell me that he was having a tough time figuring out who to use as a dropshipper and all this stuff.... his wife passed away a few weeks ago and he didn't have a lot of time to put into this business. I'm sorry for your loss. He went on saying he had to spend a lot of time with his sons, kz they've taken it pretty hard and he is just kind trying to mop them all up right now then he laughed a different, nervous type of lost laugh.

    I don't know if he's a member or not but from the conversation I guessed he wasn't and right then I thought... it's times like this that make my testimony grow and keeps me grateful for the extensive knowlege that I have gained from the gospel!!! I wanted to tell him what I know and explain the PLAN to him and all the great things the gospel brings to this life. I wanted to send missionaries to his house and have them teach him and his boys the discussions and how tell them how they can be together with their mom again after this life. I wanted to help him and his family.

    I told him I could totally understand and asked him what he would like to do, if he would like to come to a later Conference or stay in the one he was already in. He said he would just stay in the one he was in because he needed a slap in the face to just keep going. I told him that was good and that he's doing a great job. He said thanks and I told him I would keep his family in my prayers. He said thank you again and that was the end of that. I am so thankful for the gospel in my life and I pray each day that missionaries continue diligently in their work to find those READY and WAITING to hear the gospel. I pray the missionaries find this family soon :)

    Friday, September 19, 2008


    drummmmmm roll please...




    (I know he looks diff, but his music is g'd listening)


    I STAYED HOME... Sat on my roof and

    listened to the songs I should of been listening to live...

    It's a funny story but I'll save you from reading all the details... haha Just know that my Dad is hilarious and that I will never again miss a concert that I really REALLY super reALLy wanted to go to (especially since I had a ticket!) EVER AGAIN!!! hahahaha. Oh and a special THANKS to those who sent texts and pictures, those really made my day :) jerks. lol.jk i really love you all for taking the time to think of me and send me what you did :D

    Thursday, September 18, 2008


    Try'na decide try'na decide if I really wanna go out tonight...(listen to the rest of this song...T-Shirt by Shontelle Layne)

    What: Alicia Keys.....Matisyahu & Kalai
    Cost: $84....$8
    Where: Abravanel Hall....The U
    With: Mostly the girl cousins+some friends

    Friday, September 12, 2008


    So I wasn't planning on going to any football game tonight, but last minute my mom texted me and said TJ could play!!! He had missed 2 games kz he dislocated his elbow but his recovery was super fast, he should have missed half the season or more. I'm glad we're back to Friday nights being dedicated to his football games again!!! Oh yeah... And they finally won a game... They played Payson. YAY for HOMECOMING...

    The youngin's of the Mounga bunch.


    The sign... (P.S the cheerleaders decorated our house door and the poster they did was SUPER UGLY so I just took the picture of this one at the school) hahahaha

    They called these two "thunder & lightening" hahaa My fave RB's.
    Dude in the blue is Ross... He's one of TJ's best friends. No football relations, only skateboards :)

    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    Happy 11th Birthday BABY!!!

    I know she's not a baby anymore, but I still call her Baby at home.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELI!!! Love you, you fie'lelei brat... LOL

    This was taken on Moni's birthday but I thought it was a cute one of her and my Dad.

    This was taken on Monis too but like the one above, it was too cute so I had to add it too.

    Birthday Party #1 her "friends party" at Jump On It (9.5.08)

    The Ice Cream Cake

    Cake # 2 from the Pahulu Fam :)

    Birthday Party #2(9.7.08) kz it's her OFFICIAL and only she can invite everyone over just kz it's her! haha

    Here's a cute candid of Baby on her 1st roller coaster ride when we were at California Adventure... Dang I still haven't posted those pictures!!! haha Slowly, but surely!!

    11YRS OLD