Thursday, September 29, 2011


I swear NIKE has the best marketing team ever.
Best slogans.
Best of everything.

This NIKETERMINOLOGY[nice wording huh]  is true in so many different ways.
I'm still playing rugby & just trying to be more healthy overall...
& truth be told it is so easy [hope you are sensing my sarcasm lol]
I'm still not there yet. loooong road to go.
But after reading this it changed how I view my "training".

all in all LOSING sucks & I don't like to lose
so even though training sucks too it's better to train hard & win
then half "A" it & struggle win or lose.

thanks for reading if you did. this was mostly just a pep talk for myself today lol

Monday, September 26, 2011

I think.

1. I don't blog enough--though I did start a TUMBLR which I love. It's in the middle of TWITTER & this I think. 
2. sprint needs to get the iPhone ASAP kz I mosdef need an upgrade from my BLADE
3. that the next Rugby World Cup needs to be closer to me. lol
4. insanity sucks but I am still determined to finish it. Even if I have to repeat days. blaaaaah
5. I spend more time at my folks house now that I don't live there.
6. I am beyond blessed.
7. that donating most of my clothing/shoes is a good idea
8. time moves so fast when you wished it wouldn't & so slow when you wished it would
9. General Conference will be astounding.
10. I need to leave right night g'd bye!!! lol


Thursday, September 22, 2011

tennnnnnis w/my Pops

it's a gritty/pixel-ated photo thanks to my ancient phone but I don't always have my mini SLR with me so it gets the job done. lol  Anyways... 

Since I've moved out it
seems like I spend more time
visiting home & doing things with the fam.
Especially my Dad.

phone call with my Dad:

Dad: Where are you?
Me: at home.
Dad: what are you doing?
Me: I just got off work so I'm gonna sleep.
Dad: Do you want to go play tennis later?
Me: sure
Dad: Ok meet at the rec. courts.

hahahaha I was surprised this guy called me of all the people in the world to go play with him.  I remember when I was in Jr. High or something & he was trying to teach me how to play.  I kept laughing & hitting the ball over the fence. LOL  He would just shake his head & say stop laughing you're wasting your energy & hold the racket nicely.  I didn't take it seriously (& I laugh when I don't know what I'm doing--actually I just laugh a lot in general lol) but fast forward to now & I just absolutely love playing.  I'm not a pro but I'm taking in what he's teaching me & not laughing as much lol.  I'm most def an amateur when it comes to this game but I love being able to spend time with my Dad & enjoy the weather while it's still nice out....  Once it starts snowing we'll move it indoors for some racquetball---my Dads ultimate game besides rugby oh & tennis too lol