Sunday, January 25, 2009


He is now 18 & guess what... he still doesn't have his license hahaha
We saaaaaaang....

he thought that was it... guitar backpack with some clothes inside...

but SURPRISE....

another 1 to add to the collection.. his 1st electic :]

We got Dad his own cake too...
What we usually do since our family is super cool and we all share birthday months with someone..
January:Dad & TJ
April: Mom & I
September: Moni & Baby

Is we usually get a DQ ice cream cake [if you haven't tried it, do kz it's one of our faves] and blow it out for both people.... But since I'm the one who is the cake purchaser [lol] I decided that this year I would just buy mini cakes for the birthday people & the rest of us could just be skinny!!! hahaha it's working so far. [:

Dads turn to blow out his candles & Baby is such a sidebuster! hahaha
[his birthday was on Thursday but we usually celebrate 'em together]

and what does he get for his birthday?? haha MONEY so he can just go buy whatever his heart desires... Probably some more raquetball raquets... :]

TJ putting up the guitar wall hangy thingies..

Yes I only bought 2... Although he needed 5 & I want one too haha that wall will be covered one day.

and that is the end of January birthdays for my fam!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday DADDY!!!!

It's ur birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Words can't express my boundless gratitude for you... I appreciate what you do... You've given me such security... No matter what mistakes I make I know you're there for me.. You cure my disappointments and you heal my pain.. You understood my fears and you protected me... I treasure every extraordinary memory and that's why..... I love you a billion times over times infinity!! You are the BESTEST Dad in the whole entire universe & I will always be a Daddys girl....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 most recent things...

1.Last Friday I got to spend some time with my Jis' Tema and her husbanito D.
We went to watch this movie [picture below]...
It was Temas choice of course and it was soOooOooOoO long & loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg!! haha then guess what happened...
She kidnapped me and made me sleepover. haha
Not to worry though kz I had treats galore and we even played monopoly & a wii for a sec :]

2. This is where I ended up on Saturday night....
[real photos to come soon, I hope] lol
why do the majority my photos live on my camera!!
ahhhhhhhhhh haha oh well..

That's right folks you better believe it!!!
Just like I hoped for in my previous post
I got to see him live &
in the flesh &
pretty dang up close too :]

3. On Sunday we did the daily...
Church... & then headed home to cook for the missionaries.
Dad wasn't there
[bless his Delta. working on the wkends. heart]
to entertain & talk stories with them,
but we did have some entertaining discussions
in the hour they were there...
It involved these two items pictured below:

notice how the mayo is
on top of
the jello..
[do you get it?]
haha if not...
I'm so very sorry ur that slow hahaha jk jk
i still <3>
4. It has begun....
1st game this Thursday
OREM 8th [best ward ever] vs. the YSA Provo 7th..
ohhh yeeeeeahhhhhh. haha
5. He is in the building. building=White House... 2009 "at laaaaaaaaaaaaast"


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another little slice of Heaven opens up on Earth...

Did you not get a ticket to tour The DRAPER TEMPLE???? Not to fear...

[Draper Utah Temple sealing room. Courtesy The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.]

Tickets are still available at by calling 1-800-537-6181 or 801-240-7932. Tours of the temple will be available on Mondays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Tours run through March 14. The temple will be dedicated March 20.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ok before I go on.... MERRY LATE super duper LATE CHRISTMAS & HAPPY 14 days late NEW YEARS!!! hahaha So I still have yet to get caught up with my uploading photos and all that but I have to have to post about the SUNDANCE film festival that starts TOMORROW!!!!

First of all I have lived in Utah all of my life and I haven't seen or been to half of the cool things that we have out here. I know that thousands, perhaps even millions travel from who knows where to come here and see the spectacular sites or attend one of the many events held here... Like the Sundance Film Festival. I am super excited that I'm going to go to it this year. It started off as a random thought, but now I'm going to turn that thought into REALITY!

I don't plan on attending any of the films, but I am planning on [emphasis on planning] going to one of the performances being held at Harry O’s [located at 427 Main St.] This year is supposedly different from the previous bekz on the 1st wkend of the Festival they usually don't have any BIG names putting on shows. But check out the lineup they have this year...

The List: everything below written in [ ] those are my commentary lol...

Thursday, Jan. 16: Nick Cannon [so I'm thinking Mariah will be there too]
Friday, Jan. 17: Young Jeezy, hosted by Kim Kardashian [she's dating Reggie Bush & if I must say so myself he is so fly and he'll probably be there too]
Saturday, Jan. 18: T.I. [this is who I really want to see & if I may add he is super super fly as well]
Sunday, Jan. 19: Robin Thicke [loooooove his music]
Monday, Jan. 20: Camp Freddy (Dave Navarro, Matt Sorum) with Mark McGrath and Billy Gibbons. Ozzy Osbourne might come, but he is unconfirmed. The latest I've heard is 80 percent that he WILL come. [don't really care]
Tuesday, Jan. 21: The Cult [?]
Wednesday, Jan. 22: Macy Gray and Common [her voice is so unique I love it & Common is coo]
Thursday, Jan. 23: Yung Joc and Kevin Rudolf [Yung Joc can meet me at the mall lol dunno who Kevin is]
Friday, Jan. 24: C-Lo of Gnarls Barkley and Big Boi of Outkast [coo coo]
Saturday, Jan. 25: Nas and N.E.R.D. with Pharrell Williams [Kelis will prob be there and I already seen N.E.R.D with Pharrell last year, wouldn't mind seeing them again but maybe later]

Prices all rage from $100-$250 pretty pricey huh, so we'll see if I make it to one [T.I] is my 1st pick. If I don't get to see him I'll just end up walking around enjoying whatever I get to see and just being there. I'm pretty excited to just go such a big, talked about event held right here where my heart is. UTAH.. gotta love that. and the fact that the Utes are #2. lol beautiful beautiful.

No photos... But click the link below it's a lil' something from T.I... shows why I heart him so.