Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's that diploma getting time of year!!!

Thanks to Seini Pahulu for doing the invites....
CONGRATS to my lil' bruh TJ ERICK MOUNGA & lil' cuzzinita ALILIA KALINA LAVAKI on graduating from MVHS c/o 2009!!! woooooo whooooooooooo Love you both!!!More pictures and more updates to come (hopefully soon). lol :P yeah I'm forever going to be playing catch up!!! ha

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy 1 month to my Namesake...

On April 7, 2009 Lavinia Tiana Keota Mounga Lomu was born!!!!  My lil' namesake...  Ok so her name was a little too long so it got shortened to Lavinia Tiana Keota Lomu.. hahaha   She's beyond beautiful. 
 Her mom Ampee & I have been friends for forever & when she told me what her and her husband Moe had decided to name the baby me I just cried...  The photos below are on the day she was born..all 6lbs & 6oz of her 18 inch self...  I'll update with more pictures later...  P.S Don't let the beanie fool you, this girl has a head full of hair!!! dead straight hair! lol