Thursday, July 31, 2008

Page Change.

Ok, so I've been looking thru' random pages and my page looked so bland compared to others.. lol So I took the liberty of taking some time to "customize my page" a lil' bit. It's nothing fancy shmancy, but I'm pretty happy with it. If any of you blogger layout gurus have any tips, fill me in please & thank you very much. Have a nice day, come again. haha

P.S It's the last day of my fave month :( summertime is passing by too fast!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok I have a lot to update on, but I will do so when I have pictures to go along with my stories. lol In the meantime I'm super ecstatic that I found my cousins and friends pages on here... Given they aren't "new" to blogging (their pages tell me so haha), but they are new to my blog page so YAAAAAAAAY! I totally love luv heart :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

7's...The Jets & KATCHAFIRE!!!

HAPPY 24th of JULY yaaaaaay for PIONEER DAY... A UTAH CELEBRATION!!! wooo whoooo

Yesterday I played with some girls in a 7's tournament. Let me tell you, I was dyyyyyying of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and just plain 'ole being out of shape! hahaha It was fun though.
We're playing again today and tomorrow but my playing stops today kz I'm going to Cali tomorrow :) wooo whooooo. So our tournament was supposed to start at 5:00pm but of course it didn't kz POLY FUNCTIONS hardly EVER START ON TIME!!!! What's new, right? haha So we ended up starting at 5:45pm-ish and didn't finish our 2 games until about 6:45pm... Making us late for the concert that "started" at 6:30pm. So we made a mad dash to my Aunty Lindas house in Taylorsville to shower up and get ready quiccstyle. Kahea, Quelz, Adele, and I all had to shower and then get ready so I don't even know why quiccstyle was thrown in there! hahaha We finally left the house at 8pm and off to the Sandy Ampitheater we went! Met up with Ses, Pasi, n' Sarah. We didn't miss anything, thank g'dness!!! It was a g'd turnout and the performers were on point! The Jets sang the best songs ever!!! *I GOTTA CRUSH ON YOU* *YOU GOT IT ALL* ahhhhh I can't remember the titles of the other songs but yeeeeah it took me back to my kindergarten years! hahaha

(SIDETRACKSTORY) So remember in elementary they had show and tell??? Well I had a tape with their songs on it (wonder where that tape went?) anyways so it was my turn and the teacher says, "Lavi what did you bring for show and tell today?" I get up, tape in hand and give it to my teacher. She puts it in the cassette player and asks me to explain what it is. "It's my cousins singing, they have a music video on TV." I was shy, but I felt so cool! hahaha All my friends asked me where they could get a tape like mine after my show and tell was over! Now back to the main entry. lol

The Tuita Boys danced real quick. They are so cute!!

Next was Katchafire.... Wooo whoooo well some guys opened it with a haka. BRAVO. Then Katchafire went on.... They were super fab. I mean smooth voices, g'd lyrics, nice beats. Can't ask for much more. Oh and the saxaphone up in the mix... verrrrrry niiiice. It was a mellow feel and the atmosphere was perfect. Nice and cool and not a million folks all trying to squeeze into iddy biddy spaces right in front of you. squishy lol.

I ran into a lot of folks I hadn't seen in a long time so that was cool too. They closed it off with a prayer and some dang gangsters wanted to be dumb and yell out whatever gang they rep. It was pretty annoying and really immature! I mean who really does that in the middle of a prayer. I was thinking that, and then the dude standing right behind me yells Tongan Crip. I just shook my head and when it was over I turned and looked at him like ewwwwwwwwww haha. He said sorry, but I was just like yeah ok can you say sorry to everyone else too. hahaha Other than that it was a g'd mellow night. I'm a concert goer and I love it!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

5K & a baptism. G'd way to start off my Saturday!!

Just FYI for those of you who read my blogs, thanks for taking the time 1st of all. lol but Most of the time I just write these things down QUICKSTYLE and then when I have more time I"ll complete it. :)

So today I finally got to run my 1st 5K ever!!! It was a fund-raiser for Best Buddies

(i'll explain more about them later) and was only $10 to run (compared to the others I was checking out on the 4th that cost $28 or something). I finished the run under my goal "10 minutes per mile" so woooo whoooo for shaving 1 whole minute off of my desired time...
MY GOAL TIME:30 min.
ACTUAL TIME: 29 min.
yeeeeeah boy! hahaha
After the 5K I was feeling a bit tired and just wanted to stay home and clean up a bit, but I wanted to go to Sete Au'lai's baptism at the same time. Yeah who actually wants to stay home and clean? hahaha It was just a feeling; so I got ready real fast and ran to the Stk. Center. His program was beautiful and I was happy that I went. I wanted to watch the baptism but there were so many people that you couldn't even walk into the room. People were lined up outside in the hall. It was crazy packed. Sete has such a sweet spirit about him, I'm glad I was able to be at his baptism.

Now I am off to watch some RUGBY!!! wooo whooo


80's or M&M's....

It's finally Friday night and I can't decide what to do... PROS vs CONS lists help me choose...
80's Concert Pros:
Free tickets
Free food
Something different
Could win stuff on the bus
80's Concert Cons:
Drive to SLC
M&M's Pros:
Close to home
Kick it with everyone
M&M's Cons:
Didn't want to dance in a dress
Same people all the time
Always a million girls there and 7 boys lol.

So after lookin at that list, I put on my coolest 80's gear (which wasn't much lol) and called my lil' cousin Nina up (she's a huge 80's music fan lover) and told her to get ready for the best night of her life! hahaha Picked her up and drove to Hotel Monaco. Valet parking then hopped on the bus. We played a question game about the 80's and I won a prize and so did Nina. I won a Journey CD for knowing that Kurt Loader was not a MTV VeeJay. Nina won a 1 night stay at the Hotel Monaco for naming 5 of Journeys song (I gladly took that prize from her in exchange for my CD of course) hahaha. I will most likely be giving that Hotel stay to my folks for their Anniversary next month :).

We get to the USANA Ampitheater and head on in. There were tooooonns of people there, but I'm pretty sure our group was the coolest kz most of us dressed up 80's style. We headed straight to our corner where our food was waiting for us. It was deeeeelish! They even had silly putty on the tables. After we ate we went to our roped off section on the grass. Very choice seating. But then again there isn't really a bad seat at that venue. It was super fun and Im glad I chose to go to the concert instead of the M&M's dance. lol.

We left the concert around 10:30pm but since there was traffic galore we didn't end up back at Hotel Monaco 'til 12am yeeeeeeah forever long, but it was cool kz they gave us goody bags to munch on for the ride home! hahaha I'll post the cool pictures later. hahaha story of my life!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm moving to Ogden, Utah!!!

yeeeah right I LOVE OREM too much!! hahaha no but seriously.

I was watching the news really randomly yesterday while I was at Ampees house and it was saying how Ogden is ranked the 3rd safest city in America (if I remember right). So I thought, hmmmm niiiice and then continued to watch. Then it showed this remarkable (<----- who uses that word? haha) place where they have this thing called flowrider and ifly!!!! So FLOWRIDER is this thing that you can pretty much surf on indoors, and IFLY is a wind tunnel that duhhhhhh keeps you airborne so you feel like your flying!!! Uhhhh-maze-zing if you ask me. I was like wow I'm moving to Ogden! hahaa Then I texted Jonah kz he's the only Ogdenian haha that I know and told him I was moving there to be become a professional surfer and skydiver. hahaha g'd conversation. So if I ever did move to Ogden I'm pretty sure that I'd be a professional IFLY-er and FLOWRIDER...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FHE Activity Night..

Last night my family all went bowling for FHE. I paid for us all, being the baller that I am (lol). Eminem, JayRox, SloMo, Lavvvvs, Mama, Daddio were our bowling names. Yeah mines is pretty boring, but hey! It was fun, spending that quality time, laughing, taking FORCED pictures and some regular ones. I swear I should go into photography :D.
Dad won, barely beating me out! hahaha He's so funny! We're going to have FHE activities ever month. Moni's supposed to plan this months, we'll see what he comes up with. Here's the forced picture! lol FAMILY CIRCLE.