Sunday, May 22, 2011

quickstyle SD trip.s

6am wake up.
Everything I took fit in a backpack. lol

Flight to San Diego with my Pops to watch the Steelers Sweet 16's appearance.
Rental picked up.
Sweet 16's Rugby that was held at the Olympic Training Venue. Glendale 30 to Steelers 5. upsetting.

pit stop to charge phones & eat.
3 hr. road trip to see the Vaitai family.

more eating, talking stories, laughs, staying up past too late & too tired.
up early with plans to catch an early flight.
not happening--still at the Vaitai's discussing life, buying houses, going to school, struggles, happy memories, rugby & those sorts of things.  nothing beats spending time with family.  they are our most priceless treasures.

Monday, May 16, 2011

INSANITY--Move your Body...

Have you tried it?  I wanted to but didn't want to buy it so I posted on the #1 networking site as of right now Facebook to see if anyone wanted to lend me their copy & it worked {thanks Seini}.  60 days of intense workouts & I'm just on day 7....  I missed a day (Saturday) but I plan on doing it ummm I dunno when but I can't even double up my workouts right now. lol  

I like it because it gets me heeeecka sweaty like I've never sweat this bad lol & it doesn't require any equipment besides something to play the DVDs on.  I can't wait for the 60 days to be over & see the results.  Only if I could get my eating right & my sleeping pattern down but working the grave shift 2am-10am is really trying my body.   I don't really know when to eat & I although my sleeping pattern is getting better it's still sucky... either way I know those both affect my "trying to get fit" routine but hey at least I'm doing something about it right. MOVE MY BODY...  Oh & I learned this dance too it was fun...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Neff Mountain.

My first time meeting my nameless dog. My brother Tj & I decided to name him Neff after turning down my Moms clever inputs of Kava & Vava'u lol
He went missing on Friday morning..  It just so happened to snow that night & he didn't come home (he usually always come home after taking his lil' field trips).

Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday pass.... (I called the pound Monday & Tuesday to see if a dog with Neffs description was turned in [was placed on hold for them to take a look] ummmm we don't see a dog like that but it'd be in your best interest to come in yourself & look) I really thought they'd looked but I think they just sit there twiddling their thumbs because..

I went to the pound today & there he was matching my description to a T.  Small pomeranian mixed black dog with brown paws & a yellow & green collar.  You could not miss him.  Oh well I'm sure they just wanted my $$$$ & they sure did get it.

Well I hope he enjoyed his stay at the pound kz I had to bail that lil' sucker out & I got a ticket hahaha but I'm glad he's home & now he is grounded from ever going outside without being on a leash!!!  Love you Neff you wanderer...

**Note to self--Calling the pound to see if ur dog has been turned in=FAIL... make sure you just go over there & look for yourself because they say they look but I HIGHLY DOUBT they do. & I've had Neff for 1 year 5 months now..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just 1 reason I looooooove rugby...

very swoon worthy. i heart you rugby fellas you make my heart pound more rapidly than normal.