Friday, February 25, 2011

Just got home from this concert...

Can you tell who it is???
still guessing???
well it will take forever to upload a video so i'll just tell you...
if u didn't already guess..
 it was..
PRINCE!!!!!! <3

will update more after I catch some ZzZzZzzZ's
Thank you Oakland...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 years from now...

I will be....

Well traveled but still be traveling the world every opportunity I get.
Living in abundance saying I can't even handle all these hundreds.
Laughing a lot.
Wondering what I'll be doing in 5 years from now. lol
Loving my job.
Attending the Temple in the different places I visit.
Still telling myself I should of finished school earlier lol but finally be done with it in reality.
Adding books to my cocoa table collection still.
Taking care of a baby?
or 2?
all with the love of my life (tall, milk chocolate colored or white chocolate or dark chocolate or mixed chocolate dude hahaha, priesthood holder, athletic, spontaneous just to name a few characteristics lol)...  He's my husband & I'm his wife not just for this life
but eternally...

I may also be laughing at this post but hey this is randomrambling at it's best.

*this was a project given to me by 2 of my very good friends of whom shall remain anonymous because if I link them on my blog you will be given a glimpse into their very secret/private blogs lol Nancy & Nicole.... lol

**this list is sporadically listed..not listed in order of importance...

thank you for reading. lol ofa atu

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

picking up from where I left off...

Just a few from my Hawaii trip....
Job Shadowing PCC lol
SORABOL w/Uncle Fred & cousinita Rina
Golfing @ Turtle Bay
It's just a tech-nine 
Mrs. Fiatoa
Vintage-ish feel

gotta <3 the swapmeet

Always a Bridesmaid lol

Mr. & Mrs. Fiatoa
George, Tess, Jerry & Me
Acai Bowls are my fave!!!
Flying 1st Class..
if you want to see more kz yes I do have about a billion more photos you can go here to find 'em... HERE but you gotta have a facebook account & be my friend to view 'em all shoot you can even find my Malad, ID camping trip photos there too plus a plethora of other photos.... yes I am too lazy to upload them all on here so TADA that is my shortcut.. lol

In other news IM BACK from my blogging hiatus... I know exciting news!!! haha So lets recap last year real quick... I'm recapping via my iPhotos... my photos could really be my blog but that's no fun so without further adieu...


January:1st trip of the year was to Vegas with Lose for a concrete convention [Pops & TJs bdays]
February:Vegas again for iRB 7's Samoa took it... we rushed the field lol
March:hmmmmm no photos in March so I guess I'll skip it haha
April:Adi got called to serve in Fiji, I went to L.A, [Mama & mines bdays]
May:I went to the Jazz vs. Lakers game
June:(I think my iPhoto might be outta whack but oh well) went to Vegas again Seta signed with Montpellier a Rugby team in France, I bought my 1st pair of TOMS
July:PLS took the Samoan Day & Tongan Day rugby tournaments, had a sponsor dinner for Sione & Keiti Pouha
August:RIP Jared Afu went to SFO w/the folks for the putu families can be together forever, Hawaii trip for Moanas wedding
September:Camping in Malad, ID, met Common at the SLC airport [Baby & Monis bdays]
October:I went to FRANCE 1st stamp in my passport, went to New Mexico, was the red pacman ghost for Halloween
November:TJ is called to serve in Tijuana MEXICO, Moni returns home from Cleveland, OHIO mission [tremendous blessings]
December:AZ with PLS, Attended my 1st NFL game Cardinals vs. Rams, Temple Square lights

now that it is

TWO-ZERO-ONE-ONE whats happened so far is...

January:rang in the new year with my family & had FHE a lil' past midnight lol
February:iRB 7's in Vegas, and now I am currently visiting family in the Bay..

It's only the beginning of the year & I can't believe how fast it's going by already.. Ok well now that I'm updated a bit I need to get some ZzzZzZzzZzzZzZz g'd night from San Mateo California.