Sunday, October 25, 2009


if we all get together and combine our efforts a BIG change can occur & a difference can be made :D

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ok it's been a looooong while I know...


I heart'chu all & I LuvLoveHeart this song... 
especially today so take a listen
& light a sparkler too...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Still True...

No matter how old I get I will always be Daddys little girl...

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!!  My Dad is more amazing than words can express..  If you know him you get a taste of the blessing he is in my life, If you don't know him...  You are mosdef missing out!!!!  I love you ur the bestest Dad & I am so lucky to be ur daughter...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's that diploma getting time of year!!!

Thanks to Seini Pahulu for doing the invites....
CONGRATS to my lil' bruh TJ ERICK MOUNGA & lil' cuzzinita ALILIA KALINA LAVAKI on graduating from MVHS c/o 2009!!! woooooo whooooooooooo Love you both!!!More pictures and more updates to come (hopefully soon). lol :P yeah I'm forever going to be playing catch up!!! ha

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy 1 month to my Namesake...

On April 7, 2009 Lavinia Tiana Keota Mounga Lomu was born!!!!  My lil' namesake...  Ok so her name was a little too long so it got shortened to Lavinia Tiana Keota Lomu.. hahaha   She's beyond beautiful. 
 Her mom Ampee & I have been friends for forever & when she told me what her and her husband Moe had decided to name the baby me I just cried...  The photos below are on the day she was born..all 6lbs & 6oz of her 18 inch self...  I'll update with more pictures later...  P.S Don't let the beanie fool you, this girl has a head full of hair!!! dead straight hair! lol

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Mom & me share a BIRTHDAY MONTH. APRIL.. woooo whooooo

I always tease and tell my Mom that I was the BEST birthday gift she'd ever gotten. haha She had me on the 22nd & was still in the hospital on her birthday the 24th. :D She's the most amazing-est, beyond beautiful woman I know & I hope that one day I can be 1/4 of what she is. LOVE YOU MAMA....


I don't have pictures from my birthday kz my camera is going thru some hard times hahaha & I didn't plan on doing anything either. lol But here are a few things that happened on my birthday...

  • Dennys w/Mandi, Tessi, Vox, Teki, & Alo.

  • Happy Birthday phone calls...

  • Happy Birthday texts...

My Fave text from that day was from my Dad, I still have it on my phone:

"Happy birthday sweet twenty somthing and many many many more to come we love u"

  • Old Navy Gift Card from Chels!

  • Lunch at Tucanos w/Tessi & Mandi mmmmmm deelish

  • Went to rugby only to leave and have dinner with Lose, Kepu, & KJ

  • Got flowers from no name lol.

  • Flowers from Lose & fam (which are still alive today 5/6/09, I know the post says I posted this on 4/24/09 but I didn't hahaha tricky tricky)

  • Got balloons.

  • Got a basket of candies from Tema & Ti (not actually on my birthday but it was for my birthday so i'll include it lol).

  • Some QT & updates.

  • A kinda surprise party at Sess, Ash, Mandi, & Tess place... I say kinda kz I saw all the cars in the front of the house so I knew people were there... & I kinda killed it kz the girls called me at around 9 to come over but I didn't show up 'til 11 kz I was talking stories with my cousin! hahaa But those who were there are truly troopers for waiting it out for me!!! :D haha... HEART, love, Luv you all to def!!!

  • 2 birthday cakes (1 ice cream/1 regular)

  • bonfire on the deck

  • Summer starter kit from the Loo sisters :)

  • $$

  • an email from Elder Mounga wishing me a Happy Birthday lol

  • being with the people who I care about..

On my Mamas birthday we were supposed to go out for dinner with the fam but instead we had pizza & cake at the house courtesy The Pahulu family...

Thanks to Seini & her family for the cake, gifts, and the thoughtfulness :D WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

our fave... ice cream cakes!!!

Haha this is Seinis youngest boy Alani, I love this photo haha cookie monster-ish. lol
I think my Dad still wanted to go out to dinner! haha

Friday, March 27, 2009


Who cares that it was FREEEEEEEEEEEZING cold outside & that we ordinarily would have locked ourselves indoors due to the freezing coldess which this night was... lol But unlike any other night this night was not an ordinary one... It was the BYU vs UTAH rugby game & of course I wanted to go... DUH! haha So I dragged some of the cousinitas to go with me... And you know what... It was well worth it :D

Nane (soon to be cousin in law), Alai, Tema, Me, Sess...

Me & Nia Latu...she's the greeaatest :D

Me & Sess

Jis' Tema & Me

You already know... BYU RAWR!

GoOoOo Moana Hafoka!!! wooo whooo Just one of my fave BYU players :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

1st FHE Activity without Moni :(

So if you look back to the last time my fam went bowling for FHE night here: you will notice that our family has shrunk due to MISSONARY SERVICE::Cleveland,OH::Our fave mission everrrrrrr; but also gained 2 (Nina & Aunty Linda(Aunty Linda is not pictured, she was at work))... I <3>

Here's some pictures..Don't mind me I just came from rugby practice! haha

Baby, Dad, Me... Baby is a poser!! haha

Nina & TJ aka Crazy Lady & Elvis Impersonator lol.

TJ. Nina. Baby. Me.
Mama & Daddy-oh....

Saturday, February 28, 2009

working my way back up to date. lol Starting with the St.G wkend...

on 2-28-2009 we took a random roadtrip to St. G to watch the Provo Steelers play & smash on the St. George team... 79-5 to be exact. & to just kick it in the warmth of Southern Utah.

No photos are of the team lol but here are some others. lol
eating at Wingers w/ some SUU fellas.

posing on the sideline

Vina & Redness!!! Haven't seen them in a whiiiiile!!!

all the girls.
chillin in the Loos backyard!!

Rach w/ Mom & Dad Loo... the best hosts EVERRRR!



cute couple
finally back home chillin at the Y...

It was a super chill wkend. Just kicked back, ate a lot, and enjoyed everybodys company..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

catching up. uh oh.. lol LIVING LEGENDS

Last month.. be exact I (along with a bunch of my other friends) had the opportunity to watch our friend Tessi Leila Toluta'u dance in her Living Legends dance group. She is one phenomenal dancer so it was cool to watch her for the 1st time in the flesh dance!!!

End of the show. Pasi, Til, Sess, Tessi, Mandi, Leini, Me..
I only took a video of this kz I soOooO want a skirt/dress like this... & I WILL wear it to CHURCH!!! hahaha
& I videoed this kz I want to learn HOW to do this dance.... soo super cool!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

What the updates!! haha

I am all caught up & updated now [scroll down & you will see]... I will NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT get behind again kz it just takes waaaay too much time & energy for my mind to remember things [liteweight memory loss] and yeah blah blah blah!! haha Sorry to those who have tagged me on things. I am waaaaaaaay bad at doing those but know that I do see it & I heart you for thinking of me!! & that's all. oh & since posts without pictures are kinda boring.... here ya go....

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! wooooo yeaaaah!

iRB 7's part II of trip #2 in San Diego.

1st of all. If you haven't been to San Diego for 7's you should!!!
WORLD SERIES. no big. lol
cutouts. I am a NZ All Blacks... fan....Great seats, g'd photos, memories to last me until next year!!!
Some of Fijis players..
my camera went off while I was deep into spectating & I liked the results.
Willie Bishop reppin Aussie
Me, Cherry, Sa, & Terina.
iRepProvo Lady Steelers
Some dude on South Africa who almost ran into my arms! haha
This dudes shorts were shorter than the REAL PLAYERS!!! real bold buddy.I know I know it's a RUGBY thing, but I have never seen a golden glove until then. haha
USA's win over Kenya
Aussie Squad. They had the most best looking dudes on their team. Like 4 of 'em.
I got photos of 3 of the 4.
Brown fella on the left is Peter Betham
Here's Willie Bishop
Afusipa Taumoepeau.. He always carried a kangarooo with him, super cute!! J'adore Afusipa!!
Me & a Fijian player. Dunno his name either :[
The best looking guy on South Africas team. The one that almost ran into my arms! lol
My Instant Family.
Ketrisha Bloomfield, Thretton Palamo & Lavi Palamo haha jk jk
I bet ur wondering why I have binocs huh.....
For the Championship game we switched views & watched from the top.
I love love love heart rugby & so it's always a treat for me to go to this. Next year I plan on taking my Dad with me kz he is the reason why I even know about rugby!! haha I've been a Provo Steeler fan before I was even born... Yes, you read right before I was BORN! hahaha