Friday, April 24, 2009

My Mom & me share a BIRTHDAY MONTH. APRIL.. woooo whooooo

I always tease and tell my Mom that I was the BEST birthday gift she'd ever gotten. haha She had me on the 22nd & was still in the hospital on her birthday the 24th. :D She's the most amazing-est, beyond beautiful woman I know & I hope that one day I can be 1/4 of what she is. LOVE YOU MAMA....


I don't have pictures from my birthday kz my camera is going thru some hard times hahaha & I didn't plan on doing anything either. lol But here are a few things that happened on my birthday...

  • Dennys w/Mandi, Tessi, Vox, Teki, & Alo.

  • Happy Birthday phone calls...

  • Happy Birthday texts...

My Fave text from that day was from my Dad, I still have it on my phone:

"Happy birthday sweet twenty somthing and many many many more to come we love u"

  • Old Navy Gift Card from Chels!

  • Lunch at Tucanos w/Tessi & Mandi mmmmmm deelish

  • Went to rugby only to leave and have dinner with Lose, Kepu, & KJ

  • Got flowers from no name lol.

  • Flowers from Lose & fam (which are still alive today 5/6/09, I know the post says I posted this on 4/24/09 but I didn't hahaha tricky tricky)

  • Got balloons.

  • Got a basket of candies from Tema & Ti (not actually on my birthday but it was for my birthday so i'll include it lol).

  • Some QT & updates.

  • A kinda surprise party at Sess, Ash, Mandi, & Tess place... I say kinda kz I saw all the cars in the front of the house so I knew people were there... & I kinda killed it kz the girls called me at around 9 to come over but I didn't show up 'til 11 kz I was talking stories with my cousin! hahaa But those who were there are truly troopers for waiting it out for me!!! :D haha... HEART, love, Luv you all to def!!!

  • 2 birthday cakes (1 ice cream/1 regular)

  • bonfire on the deck

  • Summer starter kit from the Loo sisters :)

  • $$

  • an email from Elder Mounga wishing me a Happy Birthday lol

  • being with the people who I care about..

On my Mamas birthday we were supposed to go out for dinner with the fam but instead we had pizza & cake at the house courtesy The Pahulu family...

Thanks to Seini & her family for the cake, gifts, and the thoughtfulness :D WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

our fave... ice cream cakes!!!

Haha this is Seinis youngest boy Alani, I love this photo haha cookie monster-ish. lol
I think my Dad still wanted to go out to dinner! haha