Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm so excited...

and I just can't hide it....

I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!! hahaha this picture has nothing to do with this post, but everything to do with my new venture in which I will share the details with you all at a later time :] (is the suspense killing you yet? lol)


HAPPY DECEMBER everyone, 2 days late but hey what can I do. lol Hope everyones Thanksgiving was SUPERB and delissssshhhhhhhh. I am super excited for Christmas, but I have to say for the record. I feel bad for Thanksgiving... In stores after Halloween passes the Christmas decorations go up and Christmas songs start playing. Don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE HEART CHRISTMAS too, but I really don't want to hear Christmas songs until AFTER Thanksgiving has passed. hahaha Poor Thanksgiving (yes I'm personifying it here) has to share it's spotlight with Christmas. I'm sure if Thanksgiving had a song for Christmas it would be "Spotlight" haha ok maybe not the whole song but atleast this one line, "I don't like, living under your spotlight." hahaha ok ok I've gone on enough about this, but to end it I just wanted to list a few of the things that I'm THANKFUL FOR since I missed blogging on Thanksgiving a the days in between..

in no particular order..........
The Gospel, without you I'd be lost
my Parents, my direction & support
my Brothers & Sister, keepin' me on my toes
family(immediate & extended), who can live without love
friends, who can live without variety
Temples, our little taste of heaven on earth
missionaries, how can you NOT love them GooOo Elder Mounga love you bro :]
music, i can always find a song for my mood
Zion (my guitar), <3
Bishop Fales Sunday school class, I leave a better person everytime
Orem 8, it's the best ward!
blogging, it's g'd to keep record of things
cameras, it captures time
America, we really have it so easy
cars, refer to Americas reason
$1 movies, can't go wrong
$1 menus, haha gotta love it
computers, ingenious
Living Prophet, tremendous blessing
coupon shopping, need i say more
dancing, having fun & exercising at the same time. priceless
learning new things, no one can take it away
being healthy, being sick costs more than being healthy does
running, yeah I don't know.. I think I'm just thankful that I CAN haha
cell phones, keeps me connected
internet, amazing
airplanes, refer to Americas reason once again haha
paychecks, so my job as well :]

Just to name a few.... Thank you Thanksgiving for being that reminder to us all to be more THANKFUL for the things we have... Now moving along to Christmas... wooooo whooooooo Get your CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DONE!!!


Vaitai 6 said...

uhm... the GRATITUDE is wonderful but the suspense is KILLING me. What's with the 'secret'. Do tell! Love you!!!

Emil, Caroline and An Angel... said...

yeah, what IS this secret girl! you can't leave us hangin'!
p.s. our blog addy has changed, so re-save it k?

Mary said...

amen with the gratitude list. hope you had a merrry christmas lavs

Ray and Kass said...

Hey woman, how are you? Can you post your email address on this comment so I can invite you> I went private. haha Happy New Years

Lavs said...

It's still a secret that cannot be revealed, but in due time!!!

M, Carol... got it

Amen hallelujah!!!:]

here it is :] hope all is well with you and the baby and Ray of course!! .. HAPPY NEW YEARS