Friday, March 27, 2009


Who cares that it was FREEEEEEEEEEEZING cold outside & that we ordinarily would have locked ourselves indoors due to the freezing coldess which this night was... lol But unlike any other night this night was not an ordinary one... It was the BYU vs UTAH rugby game & of course I wanted to go... DUH! haha So I dragged some of the cousinitas to go with me... And you know what... It was well worth it :D

Nane (soon to be cousin in law), Alai, Tema, Me, Sess...

Me & Nia Latu...she's the greeaatest :D

Me & Sess

Jis' Tema & Me

You already know... BYU RAWR!

GoOoOo Moana Hafoka!!! wooo whooo Just one of my fave BYU players :D

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