Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shoes for a cause & L.A.

I am a big fan of TOMS shoes. They are comfy & for a g'd cause. I mean I love luv heart buying shoes. It's a bad habit but I rationalized these... It's like doing service :D lol yeah ok whatever but they are my fave go to shoes right now.... & as u can see I did some customization on mine kz I call these my Bruce Lee shoes..
Also I was supposed to be in L.A right now because:
2. I need to get away for a while..
3. To visit a g'd friend of mine.
4. cause I can...

but had a change of plans & am just home in my lovely 801 which was nice kz I have a lot to do here. I should have just went to Hawaii with my folks (they are on there way as im typing) but I unfortunately do not have the luxury of flying for free & my bank account would probably not agree with that trip but I will see u in August Hawaii Nei!!! ok random post but you know how I do...
& since I'm not in L.A right now here are some photos of my last two trips there lol.... Yeah I'm behind so what..

ummmm trip 2 will be another post kz I am off to Zumba right now!!!

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missesbarlow said...

a girl can never have enough shoes :) wish i was in LA or Hawaii... or at least somewhere with a beach! xoxo