Wednesday, February 23, 2011

5 years from now...

I will be....

Well traveled but still be traveling the world every opportunity I get.
Living in abundance saying I can't even handle all these hundreds.
Laughing a lot.
Wondering what I'll be doing in 5 years from now. lol
Loving my job.
Attending the Temple in the different places I visit.
Still telling myself I should of finished school earlier lol but finally be done with it in reality.
Adding books to my cocoa table collection still.
Taking care of a baby?
or 2?
all with the love of my life (tall, milk chocolate colored or white chocolate or dark chocolate or mixed chocolate dude hahaha, priesthood holder, athletic, spontaneous just to name a few characteristics lol)...  He's my husband & I'm his wife not just for this life
but eternally...

I may also be laughing at this post but hey this is randomrambling at it's best.

*this was a project given to me by 2 of my very good friends of whom shall remain anonymous because if I link them on my blog you will be given a glimpse into their very secret/private blogs lol Nancy & Nicole.... lol

**this list is sporadically listed..not listed in order of importance...

thank you for reading. lol ofa atu


mandiunga said...

hahaha goood job lav! i just cant wait to all read these in 5 years and laugh at how dumb we are lol jk not dumb at all..very mature and grown up :) luv ya

Aggz15 said...

yaaaaaaaay! jus so that everyone knows..i am not one of the friends haha! but yeeee i loove it! :)

Chotz said...

Your hubby is going to be a hottie!!