Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Being out of shape...

but working out reminds me that I need to eat more healthy.
Insanity is working my body out g'd it has me sweating like I'm working out in 96 degree weather!!
why is it so hard to get back into shape?? uhhg lol

but I will not be DISCOURAGED [kz of what I learned in INSTITUTE class last week]

discouragement is of the devil thus DISCOURAGEMENT=NO BUENO so I
will press on & conquer not only working out but a PLETHORA of other things too... 
UP UP here I go where I stop nobody knows. 

Thanks for stopping by I hope you all have a brilliant day.

*still need to update on the TOUCH tournament, OREM SUMMERFEST & judging the YSA 220 DANCE OFF .... coming soon I think lol.

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