Saturday, October 29, 2011

the holiday where you give out candy to complete strangers that dress up as a plethora of things

This is the time of year where you give out candy to random strangers for free, you get candy from complete strangers too, you dress up as (a ballerina last night for me but a shadow come Halloween) pretty much whatever you want...  It's a very random holiday.  I like it.  A few photos from last night.

 Last year we went as Ms. Pac-Man...  Pretty dang creative if ya ask me...  Jess-purple ghost, Lavi-green ghost, Tilly-blue ghost, Mandi-orange ghost, Me-red ghost, Olo-Ms. PacMan, Ash-cherry..  g'd times.

 2 Halloweens ago we were Superheros... I was Cpt. Americas Daughter, Tess was Robin, Ash was a self proclaimed superhero, Jess was a Ninja Turtle, Leni was Storm & Adi was I wanna say Catwoman  but it's questionable. lol

I like that we always have a theme and we all go with it...  Be safe, check the kids (your own) candies before eating, dress warm & happpppppppppy halloween!!

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