Monday, November 14, 2011

I signed up..

It's on January 14th & the main thing I'm worried about is the swimming part lol..  So today I will start my swimming training. 


Moana&Carissa said...

Have I ever told u....ur my hero! haha..seriously scared of U :D

Leeks said...

hi lavi! glad to be following your blog :) just coming thru to thank you lots for the well wishes-- noke and i appreciate the love and support! hope you have a fun and safe holiday season! ofa atu!

Lavi said...

Carissa!! no i'm just trying hello I might drown in the swimming part hahaha

Leeks love ur blog!!! love you & Noke muchos!!! hope ur Christmas & New Years are wonderful!!

Ofa Atu to you both!!!