Monday, February 3, 2014

I forgot I had one of these..

It's nice to look back at what I've written in the past or photos I've taken because it brings back a lot of memories (and heaven knows my memory isn't the greatest) lol

With that said blogging world.  I am back..  for how long??  I don't even know..  I have this on again off again relationship with you blog, but not to worry (I am speaking to myself) the memories that I will never stop are the photographs I take...  Those are my favorite types of memories..  So here go a few from January..
Hello 2014^^^^
Walking thru my high school with munchkin ^^^^
BYU Museum of Art.. So cool a must see ^^^^^^
Last one awake.. Boring slumber party lol ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Saw the background mini photo sesh with Babysis ^^^^^^^^
TJs Park City bday trip^^^^^^
Dr. Seuss reading.. Q time ^^^^^^
Parents with the kid who gets everything he wants lol their one and only grandson^^^^^^^^^
Pano in PC
Visiting Baby Gold ^^^^^^^^^
Pops bday ^^^^^^^^

And that's is all...

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