Friday, May 23, 2008

Geneva Rock rules!!!

As I was driving to work this morning I was swithing lanes to get off my exit and I happen to get behind a Geneva Rock cement truck. It was going a little slow (but duh, what do you expect when you are in the slow lane) and I was just like uhhhhh. LOL so we finally exit and the truck is signaling to go right and I was going left so as I would usually do I was sped up to go to the further left side of the lane. But just then the big truck swerves. It caught me off guard and I just looked at it like uhhhhhhhh what the heck is this crazy driver doing!!?! So the truck goes more to the right and I pull up towards it in the left lane and look over at the driver (ya know to mean mug 'em lol road rage lol) and it's my DAD!!! hahaha He had a big grin on his face and was chuckling at me. He's so goofy!!! Right when I saw him I started to laugh and wave at him. He's so cute!!! I love my Dad! I should have pulled my camera out to take a picture of him... sheeeeesh... I think I was too in the moment to even remember that I had my camera in my bag until now. But seriously who doesn't love their Dad though? hahaa Well that was a g'd laugh and start to my work day. Thanks Dad, I love you!!! Just had to throw this up before I left work :)


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