Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh we're going to the Hukilau... lol

So here's a couple fliccs from our quiccstyle luau we did for Provo Highs football fundraiser....

Our funeral costumes for palehua. hahaha Pretty sure the flower was eating my face!!! hahaha so I switched it up... Side ponytail and stuck the flower in my hair. It looked like I was about to do a salsa number, but atleast the flower wasn't poking my eye! hahaha

We did another Hawaiian number called waianae (spelling?) and I loved the skirt thingys we were wearing. We didn't get any g'd group shots with 'em but here's 1 so you get the idea. I want one so I can just wear it around!!! hahaha

Then the last number we did was the Samoan siva. I totally goofed on this one, but it's all g'd... Or atleast that's what I'll continue to tell myself when I mess up. And so yeah. It was fun just to do it, since I never really dance for anything.

Afterward Bishop Tuaileva gave us tickets to go eat at Bamboo Hut after since we didn't get any food so we all headed over there. The Jazz vs. Lakers game was on so we ordered our food then took it on over to Ernies to watch the game... Long story short. Jazz lost... boooo but here's some fliccs.

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