Monday, June 30, 2008

Mini vay-kay in OREGON

I just got home yesterday and all this is strictly from memory so it maybe a lil' outta order, but hey atleast I'm blogging it for futures sake haha...

June 20-Departed SLC arrive Portland, Oregon. Mo picks me up and we head back to her place. Get ready quickstyle. Go pick up Amy. Meet up with some of her Nike co-workers for a lil' karaoke. Split. Hit up this dance club called Ohm ($10 to get into clubs there, LAME sauce) but we got in free :). Then Mo's friend Sione came in and told us to come to Envy. So we left and we ended up paying to get into that club (dummays). I met Amy's nigga Mau Nomani. He's a youngbuck (hella big though) waiting on his mish call. It was coo for what it was, but I guess I might have been a bit jetlagged so I wasn't all into the dancing. End of the night. Sleep....

June 21-I don't even remember what we did this day! hahaha Oh wait... We slept in 'til oh I dunno maybe 1 or 2 pm!!! hahaha Got ready and went to our late "breakfast" at ihop. From there skipped on out to Woodburn to shop at the outlets. Just got Dad a Jordan fit and Emeli some hot pink swimming goggles. Spent about $47 on it all :D great deal. Then we walked around forever and I didn't get anything else. Moana picked up a cutie dress from BCBG. After that we hit up walmart to get some candy to make lei's for Elder Minetto, 2 sisters in Mo's ward that got baptized, and for Mau getting his call and to find a pearl ring or bracelet to match Mo's fit for Sunday. lol We got the candy, but no success on the pearl accessory. Back to Beaverton. Picked up some Burgerville (known for it's WORLDS BEST STRAWBERRY LEMONADE) and I do agree. 2 cheeseburgers, 1 fry, and a LRG Strawberry lemonade :D deeeelish. Went home and put on one of them Hindi movies.

June 22- Went to Elder Minneto's farewell (Mo's friend Melissas lil' bruh), gave him his lei's. Went to Mo's ward. Afterward went to the TEMPLE!!!It was beautiful. Stopped by Melissas house but they were gone. Went to Mau's to give him his lei, he has been called to serve in Uragway! There's a concert on Wednesday. Morgan Heritage. Mo convinced me to stay for it since I was going to leave Tuesday night I said heeeey why not, just 1 more day. But it's Mau's bday too so I might as well stay the whole wkend too. hahaha We left. Then we took some fliccs by this elephant. pretty artsy. went home and ate dinner (Mo's leftovers from King Cades, hella g'd) and another Hindi movie.

June 23- Mo went to work but Kuti rode the Max down to come and chill with me for a day (what a g'd buddy ole' pal). He got to where Mo told him then she came and picked me up, we went to get him and she dropped us off at the mall. Got 2 necklaces, M earrings, and glasses from forever 21 accessories. Jeans and a dress from forever 21. and a Concrete Jungle tee from zumies that I later returned anyways lol. Got 2 oil burners for Mom from the body shop for only $4!! steal of a deal if you ask me. I was really looking for some tops since I extended my stay and I didn't pack much clothes to begin with, but yeeeah. Then we went to the food court to eat. It was coo, I'm sure Kuti was bored outta his mind but I got some shopping so I was coo :) Then we left and walked to the bus stop for Kuti to catch a ride home. I left him there and went on over to Ross. All I found there were $7 shoes. P.S there is no sales tax in OREGON wooo whoooo!!! From there Moana and uhhhh I forgot her friends name came and got me. We went to CPK to grab a bite. Went to Mo's fave store Z Galleria, can you say mamafa... shooo. hahaa had some cool things in there though. then stopped in at anthropolgie and moezeeeied around there for a bit. took a quick nap after I looked thru' the books. For some reason I can get caught up looking at books for forever! must be the inner nerd in me. lol. then before we left I saw a Mrs. Fields cookie spot! They took that outta Utah, sheeesh I dunno how long ago but I mosdef had to stop in there. Got me a milk choc cookie and a white choc macadamia nut cookie!!! yummy! Then back home we went.

June 24- Nike Employee Store spree air max, prefontaines, running shoes for Daddy, slippers for Mom & Dad plus a pair for Janet & Chelsea :)
June 25- Went running around Nike Campus/Morgan Heritage "fake" Concert lol
June 26-Japanese Garden
MeditateWoooOoOoOooSaaaAAAaaaAaa!!! Ahhhh Yes, it's that beautiful!

June 27-Ate at the Nike Caf./Rode the aerial tram/Niketown in search for Nike SB's/Portland City Grill

June 28-Cleaned the Chapel/Helped her friend move/Original Pancake House/Back to Woodburn got 3 Jordan shorts $45/went to Macys to buy a suitcase for me to take all my stuff back in. too mamafa. went to Burlington got a nine west one for $35 :) went home put on a hindi movie, fell asleep, woke up got packed up, Mo went to get me Burgerville for the last time/got ready/Melissa, Me n' Mo went to Ohm

June 29-I flew home first class :)

I shortened up the last few days just kz of timesakes, but I will be back to add fliccs and to finish it upl.

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