Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Neff Mountain.

My first time meeting my nameless dog. My brother Tj & I decided to name him Neff after turning down my Moms clever inputs of Kava & Vava'u lol
He went missing on Friday morning..  It just so happened to snow that night & he didn't come home (he usually always come home after taking his lil' field trips).

Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday pass.... (I called the pound Monday & Tuesday to see if a dog with Neffs description was turned in [was placed on hold for them to take a look] ummmm we don't see a dog like that but it'd be in your best interest to come in yourself & look) I really thought they'd looked but I think they just sit there twiddling their thumbs because..

I went to the pound today & there he was matching my description to a T.  Small pomeranian mixed black dog with brown paws & a yellow & green collar.  You could not miss him.  Oh well I'm sure they just wanted my $$$$ & they sure did get it.

Well I hope he enjoyed his stay at the pound kz I had to bail that lil' sucker out & I got a ticket hahaha but I'm glad he's home & now he is grounded from ever going outside without being on a leash!!!  Love you Neff you wanderer...

**Note to self--Calling the pound to see if ur dog has been turned in=FAIL... make sure you just go over there & look for yourself because they say they look but I HIGHLY DOUBT they do. & I've had Neff for 1 year 5 months now..

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