Sunday, May 22, 2011

quickstyle SD trip.s

6am wake up.
Everything I took fit in a backpack. lol

Flight to San Diego with my Pops to watch the Steelers Sweet 16's appearance.
Rental picked up.
Sweet 16's Rugby that was held at the Olympic Training Venue. Glendale 30 to Steelers 5. upsetting.

pit stop to charge phones & eat.
3 hr. road trip to see the Vaitai family.

more eating, talking stories, laughs, staying up past too late & too tired.
up early with plans to catch an early flight.
not happening--still at the Vaitai's discussing life, buying houses, going to school, struggles, happy memories, rugby & those sorts of things.  nothing beats spending time with family.  they are our most priceless treasures.

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letafauolo said...

daddy/daugter time is the beeesstt! you guys are too cute