Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Random blog.
Since it's been so long.
Too many stories to tell.
Too many updates to share.
So right now you're just gonna get what's on my mind.
Might be a little might be a lot.

gotta pack-downsize-clean-organize.
I'm so tempted to get a iphone just for the instagram app.

Virgin Mobile is so cheap though Competitor Comparison --But I don't think I'll leave Sprint lol.
Being frugal is hard. but it's easy. but it's not.
Who knew your achilles was so important besides Achilles the Greek God. Oh Ray.
My Folks are the best.
Praying always for all the missionaries [especially this particular 1 in Tijuana Mexico love you bruh]

Budgeting is addicting.
Have yet to get my passport stamped this year.
$5 movie Tuesdays.
Cherry dipped ice cream cones.
Liftoff=very niiiice.
I haven't been shopping in forever & that is ok.
I missed bloggin my fave month=July simply kz I love fireworks!!
All I ate yesterday was s'mores. My eating habits could use some revamping.

(photo sources:google)


mandiunga said...

Hi. just get an itouch. Want to go to France next month? Please come and it will take care of your stamp! i think tessi would come too. How fun would that be? ok bye.

The Lola G Show! said...

Love the randomness... because of you and a few others I decided to write my own...

We'll see if I can keep up.

~LADY FA'AUMU~ said...

love this random blog... lucky u know how to stop your mind cause i dont! lol

Keep up with ur blogs...love hearing ur stories:)