Saturday, July 12, 2008

5K & a baptism. G'd way to start off my Saturday!!

Just FYI for those of you who read my blogs, thanks for taking the time 1st of all. lol but Most of the time I just write these things down QUICKSTYLE and then when I have more time I"ll complete it. :)

So today I finally got to run my 1st 5K ever!!! It was a fund-raiser for Best Buddies

(i'll explain more about them later) and was only $10 to run (compared to the others I was checking out on the 4th that cost $28 or something). I finished the run under my goal "10 minutes per mile" so woooo whoooo for shaving 1 whole minute off of my desired time...
MY GOAL TIME:30 min.
ACTUAL TIME: 29 min.
yeeeeeah boy! hahaha
After the 5K I was feeling a bit tired and just wanted to stay home and clean up a bit, but I wanted to go to Sete Au'lai's baptism at the same time. Yeah who actually wants to stay home and clean? hahaha It was just a feeling; so I got ready real fast and ran to the Stk. Center. His program was beautiful and I was happy that I went. I wanted to watch the baptism but there were so many people that you couldn't even walk into the room. People were lined up outside in the hall. It was crazy packed. Sete has such a sweet spirit about him, I'm glad I was able to be at his baptism.

Now I am off to watch some RUGBY!!! wooo whooo



Vika said...

yeah, lavi... I was dying in the race. I seriously, need to train. I think my time was 34 but I don't know but for real lets do another one k?

Suguturaga Family said...

I need to train too. Let me know when you do one and maybe I'll ride my bike next to you guys, hahaha. Seriously..I need an excuse to train though. You wear me out just reading your blog. My kids love you though and thanks for always playing with them. also we changed the park for Marley's birfday so I posted it on the blog. Don't worry if you can't make it though..I know maybe you got a hot hot date or something. Watch out for you.

Pahulu Family said...

Had no idea you were on here...yeah, my blogspot is nothing compared to others as I'm still new to it all and really only using it for my own personal use since I can't seem to keep one journal consistent these days, so my blogspot will. Hey I thought you went to Disneyland last weekend? If not, we'll need to talk because I have a VIP pass you can use to get on all the rides and only have to wait 1-2 min. Yesiree, you get escorted right to the front of the line and no waiting for rides....and I did get your message..sorry didn't call you but Dan did return that DVD long ago, so I don't know whats up with that redbox...check with them again. Kay love ya lots girl!