Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Ok I have a lot to update on, but I will do so when I have pictures to go along with my stories. lol In the meantime I'm super ecstatic that I found my cousins and friends pages on here... Given they aren't "new" to blogging (their pages tell me so haha), but they are new to my blog page so YAAAAAAAAY! I totally love luv heart :)


Vaitai 6 said...

hahahaha!!!! Girl I thought ya'll were caught up on Bebo and myspace. I really never thought ya'll would've been up on here. HOORAY!!! I'm SO HAPPPY to see you here.

So are you going to pick up a cam and join me on my learning adventure??? Come on... everyone is doing it!!! (lol). I love you Lavs. Love your page!

Lavs said...

hahaha I know I still have bebo, myspace, amongst other thing... but I just fell in love with blogging!! hahaa I'm so sappy. lol

I hope I can pick up a niiice fancy shmancy camera like you someday. But until then my digital P-n-S will have to do. hahaha Plus it was free :) so even better for my budget.. Yes I have a budget! haha ok well I love you and your blogspot too and your camera taking skills and everything else!

KaNeeNeR$ said...

can you change my link?!?!?

its this one instead