Saturday, July 12, 2008

80's or M&M's....

It's finally Friday night and I can't decide what to do... PROS vs CONS lists help me choose...
80's Concert Pros:
Free tickets
Free food
Something different
Could win stuff on the bus
80's Concert Cons:
Drive to SLC
M&M's Pros:
Close to home
Kick it with everyone
M&M's Cons:
Didn't want to dance in a dress
Same people all the time
Always a million girls there and 7 boys lol.

So after lookin at that list, I put on my coolest 80's gear (which wasn't much lol) and called my lil' cousin Nina up (she's a huge 80's music fan lover) and told her to get ready for the best night of her life! hahaha Picked her up and drove to Hotel Monaco. Valet parking then hopped on the bus. We played a question game about the 80's and I won a prize and so did Nina. I won a Journey CD for knowing that Kurt Loader was not a MTV VeeJay. Nina won a 1 night stay at the Hotel Monaco for naming 5 of Journeys song (I gladly took that prize from her in exchange for my CD of course) hahaha. I will most likely be giving that Hotel stay to my folks for their Anniversary next month :).

We get to the USANA Ampitheater and head on in. There were tooooonns of people there, but I'm pretty sure our group was the coolest kz most of us dressed up 80's style. We headed straight to our corner where our food was waiting for us. It was deeeeelish! They even had silly putty on the tables. After we ate we went to our roped off section on the grass. Very choice seating. But then again there isn't really a bad seat at that venue. It was super fun and Im glad I chose to go to the concert instead of the M&M's dance. lol.

We left the concert around 10:30pm but since there was traffic galore we didn't end up back at Hotel Monaco 'til 12am yeeeeeeah forever long, but it was cool kz they gave us goody bags to munch on for the ride home! hahaha I'll post the cool pictures later. hahaha story of my life!

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KaNeeNeR$ said...

I'm so glad that I got to go with you to the concert! Thank you so much for inviting me! I listen to the C.D about everyday! I'm glad that was somewhat my first concert! Woot woot! =D