Thursday, October 16, 2008

T.V shows

I rarely get to watch t.v and usually when I get home I'm super tired. Althought my tiredness is screaming at me to jump into bed to catch those very much needed ZZzZZzzz I stay in the tv room and try to keep my eyelids open 'til about 1-2am just to catch a dose of this show...

HOUSE... If you've never watched an episode, DO and you will see what I mean. You see... I have this dream, to be a nurse... but something is keeping me away from doing it (probably the schooling, amongst other things lol) but after watching house I want to become that nurse that I dream of.. Or maybe I just want to be a "nurse" on this t.v show kz Dr. House is ingenious and I love it!!! Anyways just thought I'd let you know.

Other shows I love to watch when I can:

Whose house??? RUUUUUNNN'S House. I love his "g'd morning" quotes at the end of each episode.

Yeah I do watch it. The HiLLs. I been watching this thing since the Laguna Beach Days haha

TYRA MAIL... I always wondered why they called it America's Next Top Model but they continue to have another season with another winner over and over again. They might as well make a pagent out of it like Miss USA so 1 will reign as Miss ANTM until the next season and so on and so forth. Imagine in SEASON 22 of ANTM the girl that wins that is going to be like "I AM AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL" and everyone else is just like "woooo whoooooo it's not like you're the 1st" hahaha or that's just what I'm thinking in my head. Anyways it doesn't matter kz I still watch it and I like to watch it. I mostly like to wait until the season is over and then just watch it from the beginning until the end all in one sitting :)

Alias. My cousin Lose got me addicted to this series a while ago. I would go over to her house after school and stay there until the wee hours of the morning trying to get as far as we could in the hours alotted. haha

With technololgy these day I love that you can tivo/rent/barrow or whatever the shows you want kz then you don't have to wait however long they want to drag it out for (as I kinda of sort of explained in my excerpt for ANTM) You can get the whole season and make a day/wkend/whatever you want out of it. Sheer bliss :)


Emil, Caroline and An Angel... said...

okay! Alias was like THE show! I remember my whole family was like watching hours upon hours of that show and you coming over to see it. Anyways, I wanted to recommend a show and that is...drum roll...HEROES!!!!!! Caroline and I have both seasons so if you want to barrow them let us know. This show is AWESOME! Oh PS you should visit, it's beautiful up here.

Vaitai 6 said...

OK... I HATE to admit it but I was a MAJOR Prison Break FAN!!! but since I cut my DVR I can't watch as much 'cause it run on Mon night. BUT lately my last guilty pleasure has been LSJ... try and figure that one out. It's kindof retarded too, but just mindless funny TV.

Lavs said...

Emil I will have to borrow those from you sometime... You guys always get me hooked on diff shows.. and yes I know need to come and visit. I might be up that way this wkend so I'll call you!!!

L.. LSJ... hmmmmm not ringing a bell and yes I loved Prison Break too but I haven't been keeping up. Me and some of my friends are about to start the 3rd season but it's been so long I think I forgot what had happened before. haha