Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Random Text Sesh with T.J.

Ok so here's a picture of my little brew T.J. He is so random and funny. I was chillin' at Temas house yesterday watching a movie and I get a text.TJ: Obama is pretty much the shizz. Watched the debate and he is an attractive black male whom is the shizz.
Me: Lol You watched the debate! Your tight. Fill me in when I get home.
TJ:Mmm hmm. Mom got pizza
Me: Lol Oh alright. Im at Temas right now.
TJ: Oh yeah and just drink tap water with a carbon filer. Haha, I guess bottled water is not even
cool right now. Trust me.
Me: Yeah I knew that. Lol
TJ: 38 chem.s detected including bacteria, caffeine, pain reliever-acetaminophen, fertilizer, solvents, and radioactive element strontium. All found in water bottles. bye.
Me: Wow. Thanks Jay your too funny.
This again may not be funny to you (just like the our last text convo that I blogged about might not have been) but I find it funny and my brothers sense of humor is just rare and random. He picked out the card for Moni's birthday and it just happens to have Obama on it... You can see it kz I blogged about his birthday and the picture of the card is there. Gotta Love it!! hahaha
I need to get caught up on my blog still :( yeah I'm still slow at simply uploading my pictures to the computer and stuff so I'm pretty sure when that all happens (hopefully by December) I'll be all caught up and will stay that way as we roll into 2009!! Man, where the heck did this year go!!! G'd thing I have this here blogspotter thing-a-ma-jig that is easy access so I will be able to recall events huh. Well as soon as I get caught up... I WILL GET CAUGHT UP my fellow blogspotians (even if no one reads my blogs) for myself anyways :)

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Vaitai 6 said...

Hey... how about I was thinking about calling Vaks again and telling him 'I love you too" (hahahaha) just to see what he'd do. How come I remember that so clearly?!!!! I'm loving your and TJ's text convo's. I would text my bro's but they would die at how LONG it would take for me to respond to their questions! hahaha!