Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 most recent things...

1.Last Friday I got to spend some time with my Jis' Tema and her husbanito D.
We went to watch this movie [picture below]...
It was Temas choice of course and it was soOooOooOoO long & loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg!! haha then guess what happened...
She kidnapped me and made me sleepover. haha
Not to worry though kz I had treats galore and we even played monopoly & a wii for a sec :]

2. This is where I ended up on Saturday night....
[real photos to come soon, I hope] lol
why do the majority my photos live on my camera!!
ahhhhhhhhhh haha oh well..

That's right folks you better believe it!!!
Just like I hoped for in my previous post
I got to see him live &
in the flesh &
pretty dang up close too :]

3. On Sunday we did the daily...
Church... & then headed home to cook for the missionaries.
Dad wasn't there
[bless his Delta. working on the wkends. heart]
to entertain & talk stories with them,
but we did have some entertaining discussions
in the hour they were there...
It involved these two items pictured below:

notice how the mayo is
on top of
the jello..
[do you get it?]
haha if not...
I'm so very sorry ur that slow hahaha jk jk
i still <3>
4. It has begun....
1st game this Thursday
OREM 8th [best ward ever] vs. the YSA Provo 7th..
ohhh yeeeeeahhhhhh. haha
5. He is in the building. building=White House... 2009 "at laaaaaaaaaaaaast"



Line said...

Lavi, I'd be travelling a lot more too if I didn't have a crazy 18 month to drag around with me, lol... Oh, and if I had more money, of course. :)

I love it that Saia carpools with your dad cause he has the funniest stories when he gets home (that your dad told him). hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Lavi, you're so dang cool! what a fun filled weekend. I watched that movie too, and fell asleep, so let me know how it ends. ha ha ha. So the mayo thing on top of the jello..... ummm... I'm slow I know, but sheesh! lol. Anyway, I'm patiently waiting for pics of my friend T.I. ;)

Suguturaga's said...

Wow.. I guess I'll cross that movie off my list of movies I never really get to see anyway, but I take it Bridal Wars is good. Wow... you are just all over the place. Aahh the single years. Oh how I miss those dayz. :)

Jason, Nesa and Ethan said...

hey lavs, yeah that movie was long but it was soooo good! did you like it?

kbarlow said...

what time tonight?!? i want to come! love you lavs!