Sunday, January 25, 2009


He is now 18 & guess what... he still doesn't have his license hahaha
We saaaaaaang....

he thought that was it... guitar backpack with some clothes inside...

but SURPRISE....

another 1 to add to the collection.. his 1st electic :]

We got Dad his own cake too...
What we usually do since our family is super cool and we all share birthday months with someone..
January:Dad & TJ
April: Mom & I
September: Moni & Baby

Is we usually get a DQ ice cream cake [if you haven't tried it, do kz it's one of our faves] and blow it out for both people.... But since I'm the one who is the cake purchaser [lol] I decided that this year I would just buy mini cakes for the birthday people & the rest of us could just be skinny!!! hahaha it's working so far. [:

Dads turn to blow out his candles & Baby is such a sidebuster! hahaha
[his birthday was on Thursday but we usually celebrate 'em together]

and what does he get for his birthday?? haha MONEY so he can just go buy whatever his heart desires... Probably some more raquetball raquets... :]

TJ putting up the guitar wall hangy thingies..

Yes I only bought 2... Although he needed 5 & I want one too haha that wall will be covered one day.

and that is the end of January birthdays for my fam!


Spahulu Photography said...

Awwwww..Happy Bday TJ! Man the drivers license thing almost sounds a bit familiar...but I know he will get it soon! Man, its been forever long and we will need to get together...what you doin Friday night? We are heading over to Park City to watch MPA and Pati bring your date so we can finally meet him please! It was so nice to talk to you last weekend! You'll have to check out my site and let me know what you think so ya sis!

Spencer and Kealia said...

looks like you guys had a bunch of fun! that's awesome you all share a birthday month! xoxo

Lavs said...

Oh Seini... Friday I have a bachelorette party to attend or else I would invite him on the night out with me & all of you guys of course!!! :] next time next time for sure :] it'll be a treat. I love your site too it's beautiful & I'm super happy you've got it up and moving so you can hire me as whatever you want! lol

Lia thanks ur a doll we do have tons of fun together!!! FAMILY... isn't it about... TIME! :] lol

Vika said...

Lavi, you are so funny. I love your blog and the new do :)