Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy early birthday to my Mama....& some random ramblings...

April is a wonderful month to be born to all you April babies I just want you to know that you are the best from all the rest.

& a Happy early birthday to one of the strongest most beautiful & no doubt flyest Mama in the world!!! duhhhdunnnduhdaaaaaaa My Mama!!!  No words can every express what she means to me!!!     I'm pretty sure I was the best birthday gift she could of ever asked for only a few days early...
isn't she just lovely... Mama & me Day 1...

What's been on my mind or going on with me:
So I got a new job about 2 weeks ago @ this wonderful establishment which they call Security Metrics.  It's different from the other jobs I've had & I feel like I will succeed in it.

Elder TJ Mounga is doing wonderful things in the MTC & his espanol is getting muy bueno.  A dear friend of mine has Rosetta Stone so I have high hopes that my espanol will become muy bueno so that when my lil' Mexican brother comes home we can have a quaint conversation over some hot cocoa & crumpets. [doesn't it sound lovely]

I've decided that every year for the next 9 years I will get a new stamp in my passport even if it is just to Mexico or Canada... My passport will be full of international stamps.

I still like to buy the books that are on sale at Urban Outfitters for my cocoa table collection.

I like to read magazines more than I like to read books (the books for my cocoa table collection aren't the novel type books just fyi)

I'm training for a 1/2 marathon & although I like running outdoors more I am running on a treadmill so I can get a precise distance & time lol..

Why is becoming unfit is so easy & going back to being fit is so hard! Must remember NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS & "Run like HELL today or feel like HELL tomorrow" Yes I owned a tee that had that saying on it courtesy of NIKE... (Pardon their French) ahem. lol

I dont know where that shirt is that I'm mentioning in the above statement but I would like another one. hmmmm must google it to find it.

Having a dog is so much fun!! Say hello to Neff Mountain..

I've put my shoes in rotation..  Meaning if I wear a pair on Monday I can't wear them again 'til 3 days pass (but I break that rule for my TOMS & running shoes).

I'm picking up the guitar again.

I'm going to learn how to speak Tongan as well as Spanish too bad they don't Rosetta Stone that huh...

I don't know what to get my Mama for her birthday so off to the mall I go...

G'd bye blogging world...
That is all.

Have a brilliant day. CHEERS.

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