Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nothing better...

Nothing better than getting snail mail that is...  Love, luv, heart getting letters from my lil' bruh Elder TJ Mounga...  His letters always make me laugh on the verge of crying lol.  He is still him.. personality wise.  I've heard people say some missionaries lose their personalities while in the work... well not this guy....  He can still make me laugh super hard on paper.  It's just crazy to see him change through letters.  He is going to be an super awesome extrodinary missionary.  He's helped my testimony grow so much just from his letters alone.  I can't even image what he'll accomplish in person.  DO WORK bro.  so proud of you... I could go on & on & on about this guy but I'll save that for my old school journal lol.

Happppppppiest 2nd Birthday to my little diamond in the rough monster Lavinia!! lol  She's on her way to Cali right now to go to Sea World without me hahaha
Elder Tj Mounga & Baby Lavi taken 3/9/2011 love you both a grrrrrip!!!