Friday, April 22, 2011

candles, cake, balloons, gifts, family, friends.... Thank God for another year.

 Each year goes by faster than the last...  I didn't snap photos of everything but my birthday was beyond me as always.  From my Pops early morning text that I swear I keep on my phone all year to lunch with Mama & Aunty Lin to a letter from Elder Mounga to random shopping with Moni to the movie/candy gift pack from Nina & Baby to dinner with the girls.  Thanks a millie mi amarosa familia (yes I'm learning some espanol kz of Elder Tj Mounga :D ) & thanks for all the gifts & thoughts & yeah just everything...  & a huge thanks to mi parentals for the BIKE kz heaven knowsI got so much candy I could start my own candy shop so I will be best friends with that bike when I'm sick of running. lol It was indeed a brilliant type of day.

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