Monday, September 26, 2011

I think.

1. I don't blog enough--though I did start a TUMBLR which I love. It's in the middle of TWITTER & this I think. 
2. sprint needs to get the iPhone ASAP kz I mosdef need an upgrade from my BLADE
3. that the next Rugby World Cup needs to be closer to me. lol
4. insanity sucks but I am still determined to finish it. Even if I have to repeat days. blaaaaah
5. I spend more time at my folks house now that I don't live there.
6. I am beyond blessed.
7. that donating most of my clothing/shoes is a good idea
8. time moves so fast when you wished it wouldn't & so slow when you wished it would
9. General Conference will be astounding.
10. I need to leave right night g'd bye!!! lol


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