Thursday, September 29, 2011


I swear NIKE has the best marketing team ever.
Best slogans.
Best of everything.

This NIKETERMINOLOGY[nice wording huh]  is true in so many different ways.
I'm still playing rugby & just trying to be more healthy overall...
& truth be told it is so easy [hope you are sensing my sarcasm lol]
I'm still not there yet. loooong road to go.
But after reading this it changed how I view my "training".

all in all LOSING sucks & I don't like to lose
so even though training sucks too it's better to train hard & win
then half "A" it & struggle win or lose.

thanks for reading if you did. this was mostly just a pep talk for myself today lol


letafauolo said...

i love that you're keepin up with your blog!!! =) Great blog.... you go girl! =)

Aggz15 said...

"i'm not afraid to lose...but i don't like it!" some WNBA lady said that and i grew up with it lol anyways, random but this blog reminds me of it! lol can u post this on the PLS page now please? k thanks lol