Friday, February 20, 2009

iRB 7's part II of trip #2 in San Diego.

1st of all. If you haven't been to San Diego for 7's you should!!!
WORLD SERIES. no big. lol
cutouts. I am a NZ All Blacks... fan....Great seats, g'd photos, memories to last me until next year!!!
Some of Fijis players..
my camera went off while I was deep into spectating & I liked the results.
Willie Bishop reppin Aussie
Me, Cherry, Sa, & Terina.
iRepProvo Lady Steelers
Some dude on South Africa who almost ran into my arms! haha
This dudes shorts were shorter than the REAL PLAYERS!!! real bold buddy.I know I know it's a RUGBY thing, but I have never seen a golden glove until then. haha
USA's win over Kenya
Aussie Squad. They had the most best looking dudes on their team. Like 4 of 'em.
I got photos of 3 of the 4.
Brown fella on the left is Peter Betham
Here's Willie Bishop
Afusipa Taumoepeau.. He always carried a kangarooo with him, super cute!! J'adore Afusipa!!
Me & a Fijian player. Dunno his name either :[
The best looking guy on South Africas team. The one that almost ran into my arms! lol
My Instant Family.
Ketrisha Bloomfield, Thretton Palamo & Lavi Palamo haha jk jk
I bet ur wondering why I have binocs huh.....
For the Championship game we switched views & watched from the top.
I love love love heart rugby & so it's always a treat for me to go to this. Next year I plan on taking my Dad with me kz he is the reason why I even know about rugby!! haha I've been a Provo Steeler fan before I was even born... Yes, you read right before I was BORN! hahaha


Vaitai 6 said...

Ahhhhh.... LOVE IT, and the iRep Provo Lady Steelers. SO wish I could be as cool as you. AND... the fact that you know these guys names. That show TRUE dedication! The Palamo guy is pretty happening though. Let me know when you'll need a wed photographer. Jane and I are SO on that one! lol!!!!

Ray and Kass said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! hahaha.. Love the guy in the blue shorts. LOL.. give you him!

Julie Andersen said...

OHHH I love this... AWESOME.. where were you?
I'm sure one of them fell in love with you at first sight.. Rugby players are hot!

Anonymous said...

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