Saturday, February 28, 2009

working my way back up to date. lol Starting with the St.G wkend...

on 2-28-2009 we took a random roadtrip to St. G to watch the Provo Steelers play & smash on the St. George team... 79-5 to be exact. & to just kick it in the warmth of Southern Utah.

No photos are of the team lol but here are some others. lol
eating at Wingers w/ some SUU fellas.

posing on the sideline

Vina & Redness!!! Haven't seen them in a whiiiiile!!!

all the girls.
chillin in the Loos backyard!!

Rach w/ Mom & Dad Loo... the best hosts EVERRRR!



cute couple
finally back home chillin at the Y...

It was a super chill wkend. Just kicked back, ate a lot, and enjoyed everybodys company..

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