Saturday, February 21, 2009

catching up. uh oh.. lol LIVING LEGENDS

Last month.. be exact I (along with a bunch of my other friends) had the opportunity to watch our friend Tessi Leila Toluta'u dance in her Living Legends dance group. She is one phenomenal dancer so it was cool to watch her for the 1st time in the flesh dance!!!

End of the show. Pasi, Til, Sess, Tessi, Mandi, Leini, Me..
I only took a video of this kz I soOooO want a skirt/dress like this... & I WILL wear it to CHURCH!!! hahaha
& I videoed this kz I want to learn HOW to do this dance.... soo super cool!!!


Julie Andersen said...

I'm glad you found my I can check yours out :) ha ha
YOU are the best

Suguturaga's said...

I wanna see that skirt at church. Man you are one busy person.

Crystal said...

hey! what is your email address? We have a blog now!! Its private though. Email me ( so I can invite you!

Vika said...

Hey lavi, when you do find out how to make those skirts, can you please make me one? love the video clips!!!