Monday, February 2, 2009

Wedding #1 of the year... Trip #1 of they year... to Monterey, CA!!!

1st time to the beach.
I heart the ocean..
California ocean is too cold to swim in though...
Just arrived.Mr. & Mrs. Samoni Lesubeautiful Vegas fam Seta & Palu. [cultured] Fijian to be exact.The newlyweds & us girls.More beautiful fam of mine: Ruby & Cassandra.My lifesaver of this trip :] Miss Tema Hunkin... us girls with the beautiful bride Anuhea.Random shot. lol
I was so excited to attend this wedding kz the groom Saimoni is Fijian; therefore I thought it would be an all out Fijian filled wedding... Long story short. It wasn't. haha it turned out to be a little more Tongan-ized.. It was still beautiful though & I was happy to be in attendance!! Wishing Anu & Saimoni the happiest of endings!!!
XOXO, Lavs

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