Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AZ Trip...

March 11-15
Delta wings on...  Landed in PHX on 1 hour of sleep [the tsunami warning for Hawaii kept me up all night] & it was go go go from there..  My cousinita Maryann & her Pops picked me up & we drove all around AZ looking for some part for Uncle.  I was super tired so I was in & out of sleep the whole time.  Finally got to Auntie Marg's house & saw the chaos the Aloha Festival was having on there lives lol.  Costumes everywhere, people everywhere, sewing machines everywhere... Headache haha It was nice to see everyone real quick then to Aunty Luti & Uncle Gils.  Gilber & DeAnne came by with TJ & Kaili.  Those boys are too dang cute.
DeAnne & Maryann
Kaili & his father Gilberto
Kaili & TJ
Check out Aunty Lutis coupon shopping pantry. Maryann shops here haha
Maryann took me to this Mexican Market & I thought of TJ right after I took this photo a security dude came up to me and told me I wasn't allowed to take photos hahaha
Ended the day at Maryanns house in the boonies lol.. Alai & Carissa came with so it was a slumber party minus any photos kz I was beat...


This was my first time the Aloha Festival.  It was cool.  Missed the Tafuna Dance Crew but got to see cousinita Lowletta do her thing with her dance group Tausala...

Maryaan & Ofa
Joseph my best buddy lol
Aunty Luti & Uncle Gil
Shoot I forgot which twin this is [standing up] Phil or Kaili lol 
Soon to be Mrs. Fonua

We are family Saane, Rangi, Maryann & me. 
My old roommate & cousinita Hermana Saane lol
 Even got to watch a rugby game..  UTAH vs. ASU..  I'm not usually a fan of the U's rugby team [yes I cheer for BYU rugby boys] but since we were in AZ you know I had to cheer for UTAH... Plus we went to watch Meti too so I guess I'm partial to the U. lol They won too wooo whoooo.

There he is Hameti Lomu #10 
She would haha Sanne gets her heiMULI poked haha

Maryann gettin poked too haha
Ended the night with Tommy Lees birthday party.
Can you see the cake.. It looks just the the white dog in the background lol.

Next day

was Keakalinas farewell.  Which we of course missed cause we had no idea how to get there... lol but we went to visit Aunty Luti in the hospital.  She had not been feeling well so I think it was just a precautionary visit.

 Then off to the Festival again.
Lola, Me, Ana

Me & Deuce Lutui
Leka, Me, Ana, Rangi, Heinekin, Shane.

U of A's #58 Apai.
My bestie Joseph!!
Ended with dinner & FHE at the Weavers.
I didn't take photos everyday kz I just didn't but I did extend this trip [1] day lol...  why do I always extend??  Kz you can never get enough family time in...  Loved beind in AZ even the heat was getting to me lol it was so much fun!!  Thanks to my Gallahar familia for taking care of me!!!

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