Thursday, March 10, 2011

Elder TJ Mounga.. DO WOOOORK. Viva la Mexico...

Just a few photos [kz I was not going to upload them all] from going to the Temple to getting set apart as Elder TJ Mounga & then entering the MTC... in no particular order...

Dad & TJ heading out to the Temple...
Elder TJ Mounga with Mama, Aunty Stella & Aunty Linda.
with the boys..
went in TJ Mounga came out Elder TJ Mounga.
Elder with the boys cheering Emeli on at her last bball game.
going to the MTC
pitstop to grub.
Elder TJ Mounga & the fellas.
Elder TJ Mounga & the misses.
Drop off.
See you in 2 years bruh!!! DO WORK ofa atu.

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