Friday, March 25, 2011

BYU Luau 2011.. It's over & done.

It's overrrrrrrrrr.  All the saturday practices, scrambling to find a costume, asking what move is after this move... It's done.  It was so fun & I'm glad I danced.  I don't know how people were dancing in more than 2 sections.  Running off stage to jump into the next costume & running back to the stage.  All for the love of the show huh.  I didn't get to watch the whole show but I'm sure every section was great!!  'Til next year...

And without further adieu here's photos from Day {1} taken by Agnes Tuilevuka.... {She didn't get any photos of the Tongan section kz she straight recorded the whole thing hahaha but it's all g'd kz there was a Day 2 so we got all photos that day.}
Lauren Sauni soon to be Lauren Uluave & Fale Miss Samoa.
My Fijian Sister Saane & Anu.
Go ahead Fale show 'em was to siva.
Pretty Lily reppin Samoa.
Aaron leading the Samoan section.
Olo the main!!!
here we go Fiji.
Eleni the Tahitian Princess

Tia, Moti & me
similar hmmmmm lol
The Toluta'u Primas

Day 2... Photos taken by my little sister Emeli Mounga... photographer in training...  
hair did.
filling up.
There she is my sister Emeli & me.
My pretty teunga borrowed from the Uluave family. Thanks Moala, & Peti.
Ready for the show.  Thanks Moti for all your help your the best!
The Bula Vinaka Boys & me.
with Jona from Na Drua.
Getting back to our roots. Ready to mafana.
ma ulu ulu
boys doing the mako
tau'olunga ta'ahines
Lani & Vickie
Vickie & Mary
Jess & Lani
Laka Laka time.

dollar dollar bills ya'll.
Moti, me & Leni
Samoa & Tonga yeeeeee
Olo, Tia, me, Tilly
Low me Tia
i dont think we're beautiful I think we're beyond it...  oh yeah you too dude in the front lol
love these gals.
taking it back to our roots.


Also a big huge thanks my cousin Moti Lavaki for helping me get a teunga & helping me get ready & for fkaplae-ing & yeah just everything you are amazing ofa atu bruh!!  Also to Paul Feletoa, Ana Feletoa, Tali & Inoke Hafoka thanks for all your time and efforts in teaching all the numbers for the Tongan section it was amazing-zingggg!!  Glad to have be apart of it...  GoOoOOoOOo COUGARS rawwwwr.

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