Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SFO trip...

February 19-March 1 SFO TRIP...

I love having family just about everywhere because it gives you a reason to visit them & their residing state...  So off to Cali I went.  Bag packed for 4 days... ended up extending my trip and extra 6 days hahaha I know who the heck does that???  I DO!! lol it was so nice to just be there with no agenda.  Usually when I visit Cali there's always something going on [usually a wedding or a funeral] so this time was the 1st time I was going for no reason but to go.  There was a lot that went on since I was there for over a week so I'm going to give the short & sweet version with a few photos from each day...

DAY 1 & 2: Got to Trish & Siones.  The girls were asleep but Baby Georgie was still up so he's my first photo of the trip.  The next day the best tour guide in the world picked me up for church then we made off to tour the CITY for my 1st time ever..  I la-la-la-looooooved it from the Golden Gate Bridge {which lightweight freaked me out kz I just watched this totally sad but....yeah} to Fishermans Wharf.  I think I'll take a jog across the bridge next time I'm in town lol seriously though.
George 3000
snippets of the G.G Bridge...
The loveliest Tour Guides ever!!!
Feeling all Frenchie at this spot.
My camera died but glad I got this shot.
 DAY 3: Nia, Ren & the kids came down. Man they are so big.  Then we headed over to Chef Tafus house to devour some sliders & bbq. deeelish.  All the kids are so big!!!
Chef Master BBQ-er Tafu
Juju & Lola
Jabriah & Nene
talavouness. Awee, Briah, Lola, Naiya

DAY 4:Booboos 10th Birthday...  Melting Pot with Piilani.
Happy double chocolate chocolate birthday Booboo ofa atu.
Telu & the birthday boieeee
Kris, Tafu & George 3000
Melting Pot with the cuzzinita Piilani!! 1st time going there.. it's a g'd appetizer meal lol
DAY 5--no photos taken---lazzzzy day
DAY 6:Prince Concert  with the loveliest Tour Guide/hostess with the mostest Tate, her sister Isa & Chick.. it was a lovely surprise to my day/trip. Thanks a mille for taking me!!!
Yes I know I'm the most beautiful girl in the world!!  <3 that song..
Chick, Isa & Tate


DAY 7:Lisi, Whit & Oliver fly in..Sia & Will Schaumkels wedding dance
Will & Sia
Briah, Me, Lola no we aren't hecka cheesin. pshhhhh
Whit, Ollie, Lola, Willis, Briah, Trish, Me
Me, Tasha, Tia & Alisi
DAY 8, 9, 10---skipped lol
DAY 11:back to the City real quick..  FHE with the Ungas & Kahos.. Cookie making with Betty Crocker {Trish}. And Origami time with Mr. Sione!!!
Utah in Cali.. hmmmm
boat tour
Reminded me of that one movie.. BIG or something like that.
I know I know I know.. FHE. Awee, Briah, Lola.
Awee & Lola with Tafu.
ohhhh no ur not all grown in those heels. fie motolo status.
Betty Crocker making me cookies to take home. Feti status on mine lol. horrible.
Trish & Mr. Origami trying to make a replica of a money lei seen at the wedding. lol
 Sidenote: I fell in love with this Thrifty Brand Ice Cream that the Kahos had stocked at all times.  It was the Chocolate Malted Crunch & Coconut Pineapple flavors.  I swear I ate that everyday I was there & had no physical activity. hahaha horrible I know but I enjoyed it very much.

That pretty much sums up my SFO trip.  I always forget how much family I have out there in the Bay so it was nice to be able to see the majority of them.  And the biggest hugest thanks to Sione & Trish for letting me take up space in their lovely home!!!  Time for me to catch some ZzZZZzzZz's now.  AZ post & BYU luau posts will be next. yeeeeeeeeeee

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~LADY FA'AUMU~ said...

Somebody has the traveling bug!!! Almost a month later and you're just now writing about SFO because you're so busy embarking the rest of the world! LOL! Soooo happy you finally came down and extended ur trip mucho times! You forgot to mention the day you stayed in your vala mohe feeling like uugghhh cause of the kava circle da nite before!! hahahaha

LOVE you MUCHO Lavs and you must come back soon!