Friday, September 12, 2008


So I wasn't planning on going to any football game tonight, but last minute my mom texted me and said TJ could play!!! He had missed 2 games kz he dislocated his elbow but his recovery was super fast, he should have missed half the season or more. I'm glad we're back to Friday nights being dedicated to his football games again!!! Oh yeah... And they finally won a game... They played Payson. YAY for HOMECOMING...

The youngin's of the Mounga bunch.


The sign... (P.S the cheerleaders decorated our house door and the poster they did was SUPER UGLY so I just took the picture of this one at the school) hahahaha

They called these two "thunder & lightening" hahaa My fave RB's.
Dude in the blue is Ross... He's one of TJ's best friends. No football relations, only skateboards :)

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Vaitai 6 said...

Oh how cool! I loved those days of football games and all that FUN highschool stuff. I miss TJ and can't wait until he can come and rock out on my guitar again while I hiva loi! lol!