Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday BABY!!!

I know she's not a baby anymore, but I still call her Baby at home.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELI!!! Love you, you fie'lelei brat... LOL

This was taken on Moni's birthday but I thought it was a cute one of her and my Dad.

This was taken on Monis too but like the one above, it was too cute so I had to add it too.

Birthday Party #1 her "friends party" at Jump On It (9.5.08)

The Ice Cream Cake

Cake # 2 from the Pahulu Fam :)

Birthday Party #2(9.7.08) kz it's her OFFICIAL and only she can invite everyone over just kz it's her! haha

Here's a cute candid of Baby on her 1st roller coaster ride when we were at California Adventure... Dang I still haven't posted those pictures!!! haha Slowly, but surely!!



Jason and Nesa Gardner said...

where's her picture?! Last time I saw her she was still in diapers!!!

Happy birthday baby girl!

Vaitai 6 said...

Yeah! where's her picture??? We Love you EMI!!! Happy Birthday!

Jason and Nesa Gardner said...

awww...she is growing up beautifully! I love the picture on the roller coaster!!

Vaitai 6 said...

SO GLAD you added some pics Lav! When I first heard that your parents named her Emeli... I thought, "I'm gonna name one of my daughters Emeli!". I love the name. I love the people that have that name (my mom and Grandma Olga). Anywho~ Your a special girl Emi and WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Suguturaga Family said...

We love Emeli and Marley always smiles so big when she comes around. Happy Birfday!!!