Monday, February 9, 2009


So I saw these shoes and thought... Those aren't even cute for me, but the thing that got me wasn't the style of the shoe or the color.... It was what was written below that caught my attention & kinda sorta makes me want to buy a pair of these "not even cute for me" shoes. lol
New slippers form Simple Shoes made with eco-friendly materials.
They feel just like marshmallows hugging your feet.

Now don't those 2 little sentences just make you wanna go out and get a pair. Or atleast try them on.... Yes yes forget buying them [blame the economy lol], I'll just try them on & if after I do so happen to fall in love with them... I just might give in and add another pair of shoes to my collection... :] ohhhhhh & bonus... They are eco friendly!!!!! Random fact... I am an Earth Day baby so I try my best to keep this Earth green... :]

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Ray and Kass said...

Oooooh, these sound so nice. I've recently had to trade my heels in for flats because I've recently become clumsy! haha..