Friday, February 20, 2009

The Wailers & Clifford Harris Jr.

Ok so the long awaited photos from these two concerts that I attened last month are HERE at laaaaaaaast!!! haha
January 7, 2009
The Wailers & Elan. Exodus Tour

Opening Act: Tomorrows Bad Seed.

Short, but cute. lol

we love concerts, especially g'd ones that were only $25.. but FREE for me!!! :]

Front & Center. Sess, Kahea, Tilly, & I.

We heart Elan.


January 17, 2009
Just a few of my faves.

1st photo of the night... SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL MOVIE BOARD.

Cousin Otos wifey Lina & I

Yes he was looking directly at me.. singing *Louie Rag* ok I have never cared for or even wanted a Louie Rag [louis vuitton for the non slangers lol] but when he started singing this song I wished I had one.... This one below to be exact.

He was singing *you can have whatever you like*
Up close & personal... pretty much kz I got on stage for this shot :]

Ok YAY I'm finally caught up. Or atleast I think I am!!!!


Vaitai 6 said...

K Lavs! I SO heart Elan too. He opened for UB40 in '07 in Vegas and was SO frickin' AWESOME!... Like totally! lol! I loved his rendition of "Send me the pillow that you dream on, don't U know that I still care for you....". you know. Yeah, you know. I'm still trying to find that track. I think that night he just threw it in there- but I thought it was the best redition I've EVER heard! Anywho.... looks like you've had a BUSY, Ultra FUN '09 thus far! Good for you!

CaRoLyNn said...

Ooo I would of loved to see TI in concert!! Lucky!

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